Driving in France

However, there is one major asset that Autonomous Partners does not touch: XRP, a cryptocurrency so closely linked to the San Francisco-based blockchain startup Ripple, which is generally simply called ‘ripple’.
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“I have a lot of concerns about the degree of centralization there,” said Simpson of XRP, “and I have legal concerns if what they have issued is safety.”

Ripple is, as CCN has reported, strongly opposed to allegations that XRP is a security and that it is managed by the company.

Driving in France is generally a pleasant experience for us coming either from the poorly-maintained, go-kart course which purports to be Italy's motorway network or, alternately, from Britain's bumper-to-bumper, overcrowded motorways. The substantially empty autoroute stretches before you and, apart from at certain times, there is very little other traffic. A word of warning, though – France is deceptively big and if, like us, you have to travel across it then be prepared for some extended driving stints.

The distinctions are big and, seeing them in kilometers (if you are coming from the UK) inflates them further. One sign, in particular, makes it for me. Just south of Calais on the 'Route des Anglais', you will see a distance marker which proudly proclaims – Lyons, 650km. For us, returning to Italy, the journey to Lyons is about two-thirds of our overall journey in France.

The bad news about the autoroute is the toll. These charges can soon mount up. With the French attitude towards the English set at 'Situation Normal', the tight toll booths only accept payment from left-hand-drive cars. If you are in a right-hand-drive car and do not have a passenger, prepare yourself for entertainment – we suggest you take a butterfly net for this purpose.

A good feature of the autoroute network in France is the 'Aire'. This is an official pull-in but, unlike the busy UK service stations or the sunbaked, heavily-littered asphalt that the Italians offer, it consist of two types of rest area. You have a choice between a large aire with food, petrol and play area for the children or a smaller rural aire with basic toilet and picnic facilities. This latter group can be very picturesque and even include woodland walks etc.

Each aire is subject to regular night visits from the police and there before it is reasonably safe to pull over and sleep in even the most rural location. This may well be necessary because the idea of ​​the motel has not really been heard in France and, while there are a few in the south, there are only a handful of motels in the north.

As a disabled driver, the thing which I applaud the French most for is their attitude towards 'reserved' parking. If you are not disabled, pregnant or war-wounded then you just do not park in a reserved space. It is simply, 'not done'. I remember going to the very busy Bourges-en-Bresse service area at mid-day in the summer holidays. The car park was crowded and people were going round and round looking to predate any space which dared to show itself. After that and the frayed tempers as people argued over who was first, the two unfilled disabled spaces remained empty until (as a badge-holder) I occupied one.

Although the autoroute is generally quiet, there are two problem areas to avoid. The first is around Lyons at the beginning or the end of the working day. Like the M25 around London, there are just too many vehicles for the road system to cope with. We were there once and decided to pull into an aire and sleep for an hour. Sure enough, an hour later (10 am) the traffic had cleared and off we went. The other thing to avoid is Bastille Day (14th July) when every man and his dog take to the road network. Do not think of driving on Bastille Day.

I hope, like us, that you enjoy driving in France.

The Manilow Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Many of the most successful casinos in Las Vegas are themed, from Caesar’s Palace with its ancient Roman theme to Luxor with its ancient Egyptian one. The Manilow Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino has the obvious theme of Paris, France. Further, as the name suggests, it is also the Las Vegas home of Barry Manilow, the famous singer. After Barry Manilow, the hotel and casino is best known for its one third scale replica of the Eiffel Tower, which offers some of the best views – and photo opportunities – of the Las Vegas Strip.
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The Casino

Though it is by no means the largest casino in Las Vegas, the Manilow Paris Las Vegas has turned itself into one of the most romantic hotel casinos in the city. The gaming itself is fairly limited but should have enough to keep most people fairly happy. The casino has some 1,700 slot machines, which are arranged around the base of the famous replica of the Eiffel Tower. They also offer Keno and sports betting. The area devoted to race and sports’ betting is state of the art and brilliantly put together, and offers all the perks that an avid bettor could ever want.
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As for the actual gambling, the Manilow Paris offers baccarat (and mini-baccarat), craps, Pai Gow Poker, poker, and roulette. As for the poker, they offer tables for both recreational players and professionals as well as the choice between Texas Hold’em and Seven Card Stud. Pai Gow Poker, which integrates some of the rules from Chinese dominoes (Pai Gow) and American poker has become standard throughout American casinos. Despite the Paris theme, the Manilow Paris does NOT offer European – sometimes referred to as French – roulette, with a single zero on the wheel. Instead it is the normal American roulette with the double zero which significantly lowers your chances of winning.
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The Hotel

As part of the Harrah’s Entertainment family of hotel casinos, the largest in the United States, the Manilow Paris reflects the same sense of affordable luxury that the company’s other properties do and if you ask for it, you can receive discounts and other hotel deals in Las Vegas and additional information for events and entertainments provided by other Harrah’s hotel casinos in town. The overall market strategy of the Manilow Paris is one of French sophistication couples with a romantic sentiment, making it an excellent choice for newlyweds or couples that would appreciate a bit more romance than many of the Strips hotel casinos can offer.
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There is also a full a full service spa, the Paris Spa by Mandara, which features everything you would expect from a modern spa, as well as added amenities such as a full fitness center and personal trainers. Operated by Mandara, from Bali, the spa is distinctive and generally well reviewed and certainly unique to Las Vegas. The Manilow Paris also emphasizes the nightlife, and hosts six different all night venues ranging from the ultra-modern Risqué nightclub to various jazz lounges. Beyond Barry Manilow and Anthony Cools (the illusionist), as part of the Harrah’s family of companies, the Manilow Paris routinely features world class entertainment opportunities and can help guests see shows at other Harrah’s locations in Las Vegas.

Travel Portland, Oregon – A Short Essential Guide

Travel to Portland Oregon for a really fantastic City experience. Not only is Portland a beautiful city combining stunning the old and the new but it is a lively, exciting, culturally active city. Whether you are going to Portland on a business trip, a weekend break or taking the family for a holiday you are not going to be disappointed. There is more than you can possibly do in a week or two. Portland lies in the Marine West Coast climate region, which is marked by warm summers and rainy but temperate winters.

This climate is ideal for growing roses, and for more than a century Portland has been known as "The City of Roses," with many rose gardens and we must not forget it is also known as the home of the Trail Blazers NBA basketball team . There are an abundance of Hotels, Motels and Camps in the area so you certainly will not be short of a place to stay.

As for activities there are almost too many to mention. But let's give it a try, there are 5 amusement parks to keep both kids and adults happy, 9 museums, 3 arboretum, a casino, 24 conference centers, 7 convention centers, 3 country clubs, an estate, an Exposition Hall, 6 golf clubs, a library, mansions, racetrack, 4 sports arena, 20 theaters, 2 theme parks, a yacht club and a zoo. There are festivals, avenues offering an array of classes, exhibits, concerts, and performances in fine arts, music, drama, and dance. A terrific park and recreation system which makes Portland a great place to live, work and play. Portland Parks & Recreation operates 13 community centers, 12 SUN community schools, 13 swimming pools, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, the Community Music Center and Multnomah Arts Center, and many other facilities.

There are facilities for baseball, basketball of course, skating, soccer, biking and equestrian trails. When you have had your fill of all of this activity you can relax in any number of bars and restaurants. From the casual to the revised you are going to find your evenings in Portland as exciting as the days. If after your full day you are too tired to change to go out to dinner, do not worry, there are casual places for you and the kids to relax and eat and enjoy your evening.

If you are having a romantic break for two, you may want to look your most elegant and there are bars, restaurants, clubs and Hotels where you will feel the dress up has definitely been worth it. Whatever your style or preference you are going to find it here in Portland. You can view all of these wonders of Portland from the aerial tram. The best way to see all that the city has to offer and probably one of the first places you should try. After you have seen the City from on high you can chose where you want to go next. Have a great time when you travel to Portland, Oregon.

Hosteling – Keep Travel Costs Low

You might think of hosteling as something that college students do while traveling through Europe for the summer. However, hosteling is not just for the college crowd anymore, and now includes people of all ages and backgrounds. If you are a traveler on a budget, staying at a hostel can be an adventure that will add to your travel experience.

Staying in a hostel will not be everyone's cup of tea, and many travelers would prefer to spend the money on a traditional hotel. Hostel traveling is best suited to those traveling alone, or to young people traveling in groups. Hostels are not really recommended for families traveling with young children. In fact, many hostels do not accept children under a certain age.

Most hostels are set up like dormitory rooms, with several bunk beds arranged in the room, with anywhere from four to ten bunks per room. Each traveler is appointed a specific bed upon check-in.

Nearly all of the hostels in the United States group their accommodations according to gender, with the female guests in one section of rooms and the male guests in another. In multi-level hostels, males and females are often separated by floor.

It is not uncommon, however for European hostels (and those around the world) to allow mixed genders to share a room. Make sure to ask about the policy of the hostel before you check in. I, as a woman traveling solo, have never encountered a problem with these arrangements, and I have stayed in hostels throughout Europe, including Rome, London and Amsterdam. Some visitors may be surprised or offended by these sleeping arrangements.

The bathroom accommodations at hostels differ also with some rooms containing a bathroom and shower, while other guest rooms will have shower and bathroom facilities located in the hallway. If you would prefer not to share a bathroom with strangers, make sure you ask about the hostel's policy ahead of time.

More often now, reservations are becoming increasingly vital at hostels, especially during the summer months in popular cities. It is now not at all unusual for hostels in popular tourist cities to be booked solid for months, where once it was common for travelers to be able drop by the hostel and expect to get a bed.

Price is by far the largest appeal of staying at hostels. The nightly rate for a hostel is usually no higher than $ 25 or $ 30 per night, with most costing even less. With the average hotel room cost somewhere around $ 100 to $ 150 in many cities, it is easy to see why hostels are becoming such a popular alternative.

Another benefit of staying in a hostel is that the staff is extremely accommodating and knowledgeable about the local area. Unlike many staff members of some luxury hotels, who travel in from the emerging areas and rarely see the city in which they work, hostel staff tend to live in the city, and have an personal knowledge of the local sites, including which attractions are can 't miss and which ones are not worth the trip.

Hostels also usually have access to discounts and coupons for local area attractions and restaurants, and they can provide information on the best restaurants and hangouts around.

While not everyone will find a hostel appealing, and the accommodation of a local hostel are simple at best, they can be wonderful options for lodging for the budget minded traveler. After all, the goal of travel is to get out and see the world, and hostel travel lets you save money on lodging so that you can do just that.

Luxury Alliances in Thailand – 5 Star Hotels in Bangkok

The simplest way to book a luxury hotel in Bangkok is selecting the official hotel websites of a particular hotel. Among the star rating hotels, 5 star hotels in Bangkok are the grand motels which are mostly preferred to stay by the luxury and elite class travelers. The guests of 5 star hotels in Bangkok include world famous celebrates, great politicians, famous wealthy businessmen, leaders, sportsman and great personalities.

The impeccable service of the five star hotels in Bangkok attracts its visitors endlessly. Choose one of the most unique, elegant and exquisite grand comfortable hotel in Bangkok. It will be worthy enough if you make a search of such hotels in search engines. However, the names of some 5 Star Hotels In Bangkok can be mentioned here.

The Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa is a luxury hotel which is located near the Chao Phraya River. You will definitely be pleased to see its elegantly decorated and well equipped rooms. Moreover, if you are business or leisure travelers then this resort have lots of facilities to offer to such visitors.

The room facilities include air-conditioning, telephone, minibar, room safe, satellite TV, voice mail, Tea & Coffee making facilities, room service, In-House Movies, Internet connection, hairdryer, Non- smoking rooms etc. Further, there are also deluxe room facilities, hotel facilities, leisure facilities, family facilities and many more. Above all, the hotel has a large swimming pool as well.

Bangkok the capital city of Thailand has large number of sumptuous motels. In fact, Thailand also offers lots of 5 star hotels to stay. For instance Anantara Hua Hin Resort and Spa is located on the western shores of the Gulf of Thailand.

Among 5 Star Hotels In Thailand this five star alliance is really beautiful abode to stay. The rooms of this hotel include fitness center, fine dining nearby, meeting space, fine dining on site, banquets & meetings, Spa facility, high speed internet, outdoor swimming pool, etc. During your stay in Anantara Hua Hin Resort and Spa, you can take part into various activities such as horse riding, jogging and running, biking, shopping, playing volleyball, boating and strolling along the beach. So book Thailand Hotels and enjoy the tour.

How to Find Cheap Hotel Deals Using Hotel Price Comparison Websites

You're excited. You have finally decided that your funds are going to allow you and your family to take a trip somewhere. The destination has been decided and it looks like the perfect time to begin planning for the trip. One of the steps that needs to be taken when planning a trip is to book the hotel room at your desired destination. It makes sense to try to save money whenever possible because traveling can be quite expensive and who does not want to save a few dollars that can be used for things that are more fun? This is where hotel price comparison websites can be valuable for you and save you a lot of time when it comes to planning your trip.

Benefits of Hotel Price Comparison Websites

Hotel price comparison websites are not difficult at all to use. All you need to do is to have a few pieces of information about your trip handy and you can get the rates for hotels all over. You will find rates for the big names as well as smaller hotels which you may or may not have ever heard about. Overall, the more results you have the better deal you will get because everything is analyzed and looked over instead of a few choice big names.

Information Needed to Get the Best Deal

First, you need to know the city that you are looking for when you want to choose your hotel. The location is the most important piece of information you need to have. If you get rates that do not seem very appealing, especially when it comes to cities that are popular for tourism, you may want to try nearby cities if you do not mind a small commute to your destination. This is a way you can potentially save a few hundred dollars over the course of your stay.

Next, the dates that you intend to check in and out will help to determine your rate. Many hotels give different rates depending on the days that you will be staying. The off season rates are generally cheaper and checking in during the week instead of during the weekends is another way to save some money if you are flexible when it comes to the dates of travel. The last piece of information that affects the rate quote you are going to be given is the number of rooms you need and how many guests will be traveling. You may receive a discount for booking multiple rooms at some of the hotels that are searched.

Features of Hotel Price Comparison Websites

When choosing which hotel price comparison website to use you may want to ensure that there are a few different ways to search. Flexibility here can make finding the perfect hotel that much easier. Some websites allow you to search by city only while you may also want to find rates for a specific hotel or chain of hotels. The option to be able to do this on a site is very valuable because it fits to the needs of the consumer.

New Zealand Accommodation Definitions


Traveling to New Zealand offers up opportunities to indulge in a number of once in a lifetime experiences, from skydiving above New Zealand's dramatic scenery to flyfishing or huge trout in gin clear water. With so many fantastic New Zealand attractions to fill your day with, it's very important to make sure you can find the right New Zealand accommodation to help you get a good nights sleep.

Whether you're looking for a touch of New Zealand luxury, or more inclined toward backpacker hostels, you'll easily find the right New Zealand accommodation for your needs when planning your New Zealand travel adventure.

With a smile around every corner, New Zealand is home to some of the world's best hosts, and they're all highly qualified in helping you make the most of your stay in their 'slice of paradise'. So whatever type of great New Zealand accommodation you choose, you can rest assured that your New Zealand travel experience will create lasting memories!

From the holiday park to hotels, here is a list of the different types of New Zealand accommodation you can find …


If you're looking for New Zealand accommodation and are at all unsure about what you can expect from a New Zealand apartment, this should help.

Apartments in New Zealand offer guests the comforts of being at home while traveling. They can accommodate group sizes of up to 6 people with 1, 2 or 3 separate bedrooms closed off from living areas. Apartments are separated into different areas for kitchen, living and dining normally with an open plan feel. It is normal to find a live in or onsite manager at a New Zealand apartment complex. Apartments generally provide free onsite parking unless you're staying at a central city apartment. Apartment kitchens generally provide tea and coffee making facilities and come fully equipped with all the utensils you would expect to find at home, although cooking facilities can often be limited to a microwave and a hotplate.

Bed and Breakfast

Are you planning a New Zealand vacation and want to know what to expect from a New Zealand Bed and Breakfast? Here is some help for you.

Often referred to as B & B, Bed and Breakfast accommodation is generally run from a large family home providing private guest rooms and a basic breakfast in the morning. Bed and Breakfast accommodation is either run as a primary or a secondary source of income where the property owners are also the staff. Multiple night stays at a Bed and Breakfast are possible but sometimes guests will be expected to vacate their rooms during the day. Due to the majority of Bed and Breakfasts having a small number of rooms it is advisable to book well in advance.

Farm Stay

Are you interested in experiencing a farm stay during your New Zealand travels but are unsure about what it is? This should help.

Farming in New Zealand is huge and features consistently in many Kiwi traditions. To book yourself in to a New Zealand farm stay is to open yourself up to experiencing some rural New Zealand countryside living. New Zealand farm stay accommodation can range from self contained accommodation to staying within a family home. There are a wide variety of New Zealand farms ranging from kiwifruit to deer. Farm stay accommodation is a great way to meet the locals and to experience the lifestyle of a New Zealand farmer, as well as being able to enjoy some of New Zealand's commanding scenery.


Are you wanting to come over to New Zealand and stay in a hotel, but not sure about what New Zealand hotels offer. Here is some helpful information for you.

New Zealand has a range of hotels from popular world class apartments to small country pubs and boutique hotels. Larger hotels will come with multiple rooms which vary in size and type, smaller boutique hotels come with less rooms but are generally very stylish and unique and country pub hotels have clean and pleasant facilities often in modernized historic buildings which vary in price according to their level of luxury. New Zealand also hosts some large international chains which are found in the major centers or popular tourist destinations.

As a general rule hotels have bar and restaurant facilities and additional extras often include a swimming pool and gymnasium. Common features in the rooms are a telephone, an alarm clock, a television and internet connectivity. Some hotels also have a mini-bar with snack foods and drinks and there may be facilities for making hot drinks.


One of the most popular accommodation types in New Zealand are motels. Here is some information that you should find helpful regarding motels.

New Zealand motels offer clean and cozy self-contained accommodation with all comforts of home. A motel studio is a one room unit where guests sleep in the lounge area, this is the smallest size motel unit. You can then get one, two and three bedroom units which have separate bedrooms in addition to a lounge area, which sometimes has additional bedding facilities. Motels are equipped with a fully equipped kitchen and a private bathroom.

Prices are mid range but depend on the overall facilities offered and the unit type. Most units have a fully equipped kitchen and separate bathroom as well as a phone and TV. Large motel complexes are often similar to hotels in their service and features: ie, swimming pool, spa, sauna, laundry facilities, etc.

Motels offer very competitive pricing which is based on the level of quality. Speaking of quality, most motels in New Zealand should have a Qualmark rating which will indicate what to expect of each establishment.


New Zealand has hundreds of backpacker hostels and lodges throughout the country. So here is some information about them.

Hostels provide budget conscious, social accommodation which allows guests to rent a bed as opposed to a room, this is sometimes a bunk bed in a dormitory. Guests will also share a bathroom, lounge, usually a kitchen and generally a recreation room. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex and private rooms may also be available. Hostels will generally provide linen for you beds so sleeping bags are not a necessity, but it is always safe to check with the hostel you will be staying with. New Zealand hostels will generally also provide laundry facilities.

Hostels are primarily geared towards youngger travelers, and are great places to party, meet new people from around the globe and share information on places to go and see. Most hostel operators in New Zealand will also gladly help you with your travel plans, and many hostels have long-term residents who they employ as desk clerks or housekeeping staff in exchange for free accommodation.

In New Zealand you will most often find hostels in tourism hotspots, however, there are hostels all over, and some can even be found in unique and isolated locations.

Holiday Parks

Scattered through New Zealand are hundreds of camp grounds and holiday parks, so here is some information on what to expect.

Holiday parks aka camping grounds are found in towns and rural areas of New Zealand, often near natural or man-made attractions such as beaches. Holiday parks are family orientated and generally come with playgrounds and recreational facilities. Some holiday parks also have swimming pools and spas. Accommodation in holiday parks ranges from cabins, permanent caravans, self-contained tourist flats and motel units. Holiday parks also have powered and non-powered sites for tents, caravans and camper vans, and it is always good to check the size of your camping site before you book. Facilities to expect are communal areas for cooking and dining, shared showers, toilets and laundries.

Holiday park prices range from very cheap to a higher cost for the cabins and tourist flats or units.


New Zealand has a variety of luxury accommodation, so here is some information that will help make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

Luxury accommodations in New Zealand are of a very high standard and offer the discerning traveller an exceptionally high level of quality, service and luxury. Each luxury accommodation will offer you something unique and distinctively New Zealand. Helpful to know is that most luxury accommodation will be Qualmark certified at a 5 star rating. Luxury accommodation ranges from exclusive resorts offering golf, fishing or wilderness adventures to secluded beach or lakefront lodges. Worth listing is that lodges in New Zealand are usually located in spectacular rural settings. Further luxury accommodation can be discovered in stylish urban hotels in distinct buildings, either heritage or contemporary.

All luxury accommodation will offer superb facilities, exceptional food and an extremely high level of professionalism and service. Prices will reflect the quality of your stay.

Self Contained

New Zealand has self-contained accommodation options all over. Here is what to expect.

Self-contained accommodation is exactly that, self-contained. This type of accommodation is designed so that you have all the comforts of home. Your own home away from home with all the privacy you need and desire. Motels, cottages, apartments, holiday homes and baches can, depending what they offer, also be classed as self-contained. Some self-contained accommodations will also have the option of being daily serviced and their will always be a responsible person on hand for you comfort and information.

You will generally have one to three bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen including a refrigerator (although some foods may be included, such as coffee, tea, sugar and milk), a full lounge and laundry. Additional extras that you can usually expect are television, radio, phone, iron and internet connectivity and linen. Some self-contained accommodations offer a swimming pool and / or spa, gymnasium and recreational facilities.


New Zealand is a pretty environmental conscious nation, so its is within reason to expect that there are eco accommodation providers out there.

Well, actually, New Zealand does offer a wide choice of eco-friendly and nature accommodation located in the heart of the country's natural environment, meaning that eco-friendly accommodation is more likely to be found in the rural setting. However, in the more urban setting, unique eco-friendly accommodation can sometimes be found. Eco accommodation can be meditative retreats where yoga and other relaxing activities are available to treat body, soul and spirit. Eco accommodation can also be in locations where nature and wildlife conservation and preservation are a high ideal to the operators.

This type of accommodation can include cottages, holiday parks, motels, farmstays, bed and breakfasts and luxury so it is generally a good idea to contact the operators to discover what you will have available.


New Zealand has some very unique and special cottage accommodation available for it's visitors. Here is what you can expect when you stay at a cottage.

Okay, so cottages in New Zealand are generally also classed as self-contained. This means that in New Zealand you should expect that cottages also come with the comforts of home. The special thing about cottages, however, is generally their location. You will generally find cottages in a rural or town setting and their location will be rustic, special or unique. Quite often cottages will be located in vineyards, on farms or in natural surroundings.

Like self-contained accommodation the number of bedrooms will vary from about one to three, you will have kitchen facilities, laundry facilities, a lounge, showers and toilet. Extra facilities to expect will generally be television, DVD player, phone, internet connectivity, radio, towels and linen and off-street parking. Additional extras may include a range of things including full servicing, spa and sauna, outdoor barbeque area, verandahs and various recreational equipment. These will depend on each operator, however.

Generally cottages are very private and peaceful places to stay and can be ideal for that special getaway. Cottages are also usually very rarely designed and placed.


So New Zealand is not a very old nation, but we do have some cool heritage accommodation options. Here is some information for you.

If you so desire you can enjoy the old-world charm of New Zealand yeteryear in boutique and heritage accommodation, choosing from either rural homesteads, grand old hotels, character and heritage homes, art deco villas or small, intimate Kiwi accommodation. Basically heritage accommodation is any accommodation that has historic significance. So you can expect the grandeur of past architecture.

What to expect in terms of rooms and facilities will depend entirely on what accommodation type the heritage operator identifies. For example, some heritages provide offer bed and breakfast accommodation, some hotel and some cottage.

So if you love those fantastic historic sites and revel in antiquity than check out our Kiwi heritage sites.

Something different

Tired of the standard accommodation options available to you. Let us tell you about some of the variety out there.

New Zealand is proud of its uniqueness and the things that make it so special. So as you travel New Zealand you will stumble across places to stay that really are different. From staying in a boot to experiencing a sleep in a wagon to escaping technology and electricity you may never know what to expect. The best advice we can give you is to search for yourself and do not be afraid to give it a go. You will definitely find some pretty special places.

Hotel Accommodation in London – A Marketing Overview

This is an article to discuss the perspective of an accommodation booking agency based in Central London.

Because of the boom in the travel and tourism industry in the whole of UK, there has been a huge increase in tourists coming to London. London, a very big city is distributed into zones – more for the benefit of an underground traveller which has now become a medium of calculating how costly (in terms of property) and posh a place is. Zone 1, consisting of areas like Victoria, Kensington, Bayswater, Tower Hill, Aldgate and Kings Cross is rated # 1 followed by zones 2,3,4,5 and 6.

Together, London has about 2000 hotels / bed and breakfasts / lodges / motels / apartments to offer and the number of agencies selling this accommodation is not much lesser than that number. Therefore, starting a new agency service to sell the same accommodation has to be properly targeted and the rules of marketing should be defined on the table before the work starts, or else it will be a failure with so much competition.

We analyzed the market and to our surprise we found that the worldwide market has been taken already by top agencies like expedia, laterooms, bedbank etc. All these agencies have huge presence in almost all countries around the world and therefore all tourism is transported out via their websites or GDS '.

We looked a little within that scope and found that the most easy to target audience is that inside England and if that sounds like a narrow view, the figure stands at a staggering much more than 1 million travel tourists per year. And there is no one targeting them wholeheartedly.

That was 2 years ago, and because of the timely and realistic estimates and marketing strategies to sell Central London hotels, we were able to create one of the largest booking services for hotels in central London.

There is always a niche market waiting to be explored.

Hotel Rooms Are Nightmares

Ever since I began working for that Florida vacation rentals website, I have been plagued by recurring nightmares. I am haunted at night by the spirits of hotel rooms past.

There was a time when I traveled quite a bit on business. Thankfully, I don’t hotels hop any more. But at night I float off to a hotel room far away in time…

The day’s work done, I phoned home to check up on the kids. It seems there was a shouting match going on in my absence. It sounded like Pandemonium was winning, but Total Bedlam was making some noise, too.

“Can you just quiet down a bit,” I said into the phone.

“YOU shut up,” I heard the man in the next room growl.

I chose to ignore him. “Come on guys. Can’t you just stop fighting for a minute?”

“I’ll show you what fighting means” I heard through the wall.

“Geeze. I can’t even here myself think,” I complained into the phone.

“Hey! I’ve had just about enough of you,” the guy on the other side of the wall screamed.

Suddenly I got very scared. I pictured a burly, six-foot-two weightlifter smashing his fist through the wall. I hung up the phone, wondering how thin the walls were.

Nothing happened. No fist. No smashed wall. No burly, six-foot-two weightlifter.

I decided to go downstairs for a stress-relief stroll. As I was closing my door, the man from the next room emerged.

Fortunately, he was no weightlifter.

I was about to ask him why he had shouted at me through the wall while I was trying to discipline my kids, when he called to me, “Hey you. I was on the phone with my wife. Why did you have to heckle me?”

All of a sudden, I knew how thin the walls were.

In fact, I discovered that hotel walls come in two thicknesses:

If you’re lucky, you get “Turn down the volume on your TV!” walls. If you are less fortunate, you get “Turn down the brightness on your TV!” walls.

Fortunately, hotel rooms are immaculately clean. It’s true. The sign says so. Just as long as you don’t look under the mattress to find a 1976 copy of Businessweek Magazine and theatre tickets to a 1982 showing of The Music Man.

I don’t know why hotels pretend to be so spotless. All that junk under the bed could be used as a marketing tool. “Stay at the Hilltop Hilton and join in our under-mattress-scavenger-hunt.”

If the hotels don’t catch on, sooner or later the motels will. They can turn anything into a sales pitch. Like, for example, “Color TV” (Ooooooohh.). And “Outdoor Pool” (I think the “outdoor” feature is a nice added touch, don’t you?) And how about “Free Parking” (which is really a way of saying, “You don’t have to park your car in your room.”).

What worries me most about hotels is what they keep in the drawers. Did you ever notice there is always a bible in the drawer? Why?

When you buy a car, there is no bible in the glove compartment, although the road is where you need prayers the most.

When you dig for the prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box, it’s never a bible.

Even in hospitals, where a prayer might be all you have left, there is no bible in the drawer.

Only in hotels and on death row do bibles come as standard equipment.

And why just the Bible? I have had plenty of spare time to search for Torahs and Korans in hotel rooms, and I have never found any. Do Jews and Muslims not stay in hotels? What do they know that I don’t?

Fortunately, I don’t have to stay in hotels anymore. I don’t have to endure shadow-puppet shows from the guy on the other side of the wall. I don’t have to keep from reading over his shoulder. I don’t have worry about what he ate for dinner.

And I don’t have to listen to his snoring. I can enjoy my own nightmares in peace.

Exotic 3 Star Hotels in Kanyakumari – Kanyakumari Hotels

If you are a leisure traveler and looking for some luxurious 3 star hotels in Kanyakumari, you will not be disappointed as there are a number of 3 star hotels catering to the locals as well as the international tourists. Since there are tourists flocking to the place through the year, the hotels are well equipped to meet the demands of the tourists. You will be surprised to see the hospitality that the hotel staffs offer. They are very polite and well mannered. The hotels are all located strategically to view the Sunrise and Sunset; a major attraction at Kanyakumari.

Hotel Singaar International is one of the best 3 star hotels in Kanyakumari. The hotel is strategically located to view the panoramic Indian Ocean. The hotel is also located near the railway station and the main road connecting to the National Highways. A deluxe suite costs you around Rs 4,800 per night. The facilities at the hotel include a banquet hall, a business center and a swimming pool. The hotel also houses a multi cuisine restaurant serving exquisite south Indian dishes as well as Chinese, Italian and Continental cuisines. It is the best bet if you are looking for comfort at a reasonable price.

Hotel Sea View is one among the reasonable 3 star hotels in Kanyakumari. The hotel is a part of the Sangam Group of Hotels. A lobby level lawn located in the hotel provides a scenic view of the beach and sea. A 2 bedroom deluxe sea facing room costs you about Rs 4,560 inclusive of taxes. The hotel is also close to the Kanyakumari railway station. A multi cuisine restaurant in the hotel serves a delicious spread of Indian, Continental and Chinese food. The hotel is mainly popular for its well decorated rooms and the delicious sea food it offers.

Sparsa Resort is a well known 3 star hotel cum resort in Kanyakumari. The resort is located amidst the bright sands of the beaches. The resort boasts of ultramodern facilities and also has a number of swimming pools. The resort has 46 rooms and 2 luxury suites which offer a bathroom view of the sunrises and sunsets. The rooms are all well decorated and provided with the best of linen. All the rooms are equipped with the best of facilities. Price will be provided on request. The resort also houses a multi cuisine restaurant serving sumptuous food. It is the best deal if you are looking for some good 3 star hotels in Kanyakumari.

Raising Christian Children Part 4: Plan Family Activities That Include Your Children

It may just be me, but it seems as though times have changed so much since the last generation of parents raised their children. It is so disheartening to see, read, and hear about children committing crimes are younger; children without both parents in the home more common. What is happening to our society?

I read a transcript of a sermon by the Rev. Billy Graham from a message given about 20 years ago. In that message he outlined six steps that is followed would help keep children from getting into trouble. In this series of articles I am covering each of those six steps. I do hope that you will follow each article and I further hope that these articles will bless you and your family as you strive to raise christian children. Here is Step #4.

Plan Family Activities That Include Your Children

It is amazing to me that families are doing less activities that include the children. The parents seem to be just as socially active, but baby sitters are being hired more and more to take care of children while the parents pursue their desire to “get away”. Are we to believe that they mean by this that they want to “get away” from their children? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding YES!. How sad. And we wonder why families grow further apart as the children age.

When parents realize that they are getting away from involving their children in family activities they will realize that the main reason is their attitude towards raising children. When they brought their children into this wonderful world, they brought along with them the responsibility to give their children the very best of themselves. To give to their children the love and attention they so deserve and at the same time give them a family that does things together. Please don’t mistake activities to mean, as one mother expressed to me, “Our family does everything together: my husband takes my son to soccer practice three days a week; I take my oldest daughter to dance classes every week; and five days a week my husband drops our baby off at day care and I pick her up. We do everything together.” No, I didn’t give her a definition of “together”, I was too shocked to even respond to her statement. But hopefully, those reading this article are in agreement with me that this example does not meet the definition of a family doing activities that involve the children that is referred to in this article.

Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Here Solomon issues a bold challenges, particularly to those who are parents and instructors of children, to the propagating of wisdom, that it may not die with them. Train up children to prepare them for what they are designed for. Train them up, not in the way they WOULD go, but in the way they SHOULD go, the way in which, if you love them, you would have them go. It is true that many children indeed have departed from the good way in which they were trained up; Solomon himself did so. But the early training they received from their parents may be a means of their recovering themselves, as it is supposed Solomon did. At least the parents will have the comfort of knowing they have done their duty and used the appropriate means.

In planning activities that include your children your should first, consider the developmental levels of your children, then plan your activities based on individual maturity level. You can try more challenging activities to encourage them to progress, but remember that you want them to be successful at the activities. You certainly do not want them to get frustrated or bored with the activity. Also remember that your goals for each of your children may be very different. Family activities may be either 1) activities in and around the home or 2) activities that are part of a vacation. Either way, planning those activities for and with your children will make them feel more an integral art of the family.

Here are some suggested activities that we found both fun and beneficial for our children.

Activities In And Around The Home

When planning activities in and around the home it will require some sacrifices of time on the part of everyone in the family. Mom and Dad (assuming both work) are usually tired by the time they get home from work, eat dinner (supper for those of you in the south) and hopefully have a little time to relax. But your number one priority should still be your children. Why not set some evenings of the week for family activities (other than taking your kids to sports practice, dance lessons, music lessons, etc.)?

The number of children you have and their ages will dictate what activities will work best for your family. The listed examples we what we used for our family which included three children: 12-year old son, 8-year old son, and 4-year old daughter.

We planned our family evening activities around our children’s activity schedules and usually had two or three nights a week for family fun. Ideally, every night could be used for some type of family activity, but that is not being realistic in today’s busy world. For this article let us assume that you do have every evening available for a family activity is case your are blessed.

In our family, Wednesday night was set aside for church service. During the school year, we had to be very flexible. Not every activity had all the kids involved due to various amounts of homework. During summer vacation time, more consistency in full participation was possible. Exception: our 12-year old was the star pitcher on his baseball team and they played several night a week until the All-Star team lost in the regional tournament. Here is a sample of our family activities in and around the home would ideally be:

Monday evenings: Family Scrapbook Night

We put a lot of value in keeping our family scrapbooks. We had a separate scrapbook for each child and one for the family (we also had a scrapbook that was reserved for our family history: genealogy research). This may seem like “over kill” to some, but now that our children are grown, those scrapbooks are priceless to them. As each child left home, they took their individual scrapbook with them. We kept the “family” scrapbook and it stays on our living room coffee table as a proud reminder of our children’s lives from birth to present. We are still adding pages: GRANDCHILDREN!

Tuesday evenings: Family Game Night

Our family really enjoyed game night. It gave us as parents a way to teach our children the importance of being both a good loser and a good winner. We live in a competitive world and as our children enter into that competitive world they need to be prepared for winning and losing and how to handle both in a christian manner. We would choose games that would involve our 4-year old. She loved Skip Bo as she loved to count. Yahtzee was another game that gave our 4-year old lots of enjoyment. Our boys even enjoyed picking up the dice when she would throw them across the table and onto the floor. Lots of good laughs: lots of fun for all.

Wednesday evenings: Church Night

Where we attend church they have classes divided up in age groups so each of our children have their own class to attend where they not only grow their faith, but grow many friendships.

Thursday evenings: Food Fight Night

Just kidding, but hopefully I have your attention now. Thursday evenings we work together as a family in the preparation of a special meal that has been planned (the week before) by our children. We allow them to decide the menu for a four-course meal and then we divide up the preparation appropriately. For example, we do not our 4-year old to handle hot items like boiling water or deep frying. (I guess I just have a dislike for emergency rooms.) One of the kids favorite menus was: 1st course of an appetizer (in this case cheese bread; 2nd course of mixed salad; 3rd course of spaghetti and meatballs; 4th course Italian doughnuts “Sfinci”. Assignments: 1st course – our 8-year old; 2nd course – My wife and our 4-year old (talk about your “tossed” salad); 3rd course – me and our 12-year old (he really got good at meatballs!); 4th course – everybody. When meal preparation was over the kitchen did indeed look like we had a food fight. Great fun except for when it came time for clean up. But again, a great teaching tool for seeing a task through to completion.

Friday evenings: Football Game/Family Reading Night

During football season, we would go as a family to the local school’s football game. On the Friday evenings that the team was out of town we had our family reading time. We encouraged our children to read not only during this time, but whenever they had some free time. We would allow our children to chose a book to read and then involve everyone who could read to take their turn reading. As the years have passed we look back on our reading nights as special night of bonding as a family. Many of the books we read came from “Hooked On Phonics” material. We were very impressed with the entire “Hooked On Phonics” program. It deserves most of the credit for developing the reading skills in our children and their developing a love of reading.

Saturdays: Arts & Crafts /Community Service Day

As a family we are arts minded. My wife is an excellent artist, I have performed as a member of several symphony orchestras. We encourage our children to pursue their individual interests in the arts. One project we used to lead into activities that are part of a vacation is the creation of a Family Vacation Savings Box. We used a “cigar” box with our kids, but I have not seen a cigar box in years, so any sturdy box about the size of a cigar box should work fine. We decorated the box with pictures of the places we want to visit on our next family vacation. We tape it shut and cut a slot in the top. As a family we developed several strategies for having money available to actually place in our savings box. One that my 8-year old suggested was to take the money we saved using coupons for food purchases. He had helped his mother cut out lots of coupons so it is easy to see why he would suggest this. His mother and I agreed. Our 12-year old placed half of what he earned mowing lawns in the neighborhood. He currently is the leading salesman for a cell phone company and his experience early might have lead to this success. He informed all his customers how he was using half his earnings for helping with the family vacation fund and his client list grew over the years. Challenge your children to help save for the family vacations. You will be as amazed as we were how much more enjoyable the family vacations became.

As a family we are community service minded. Through our church we volunteer as a family to visit nursing homes, help with church and community events, and help many elderly or handicapped church members who need assistance with various tasks such as mowing lawns, cleaning their home, or preparing a healthy meal and taking it to their home. We wanted our children to grow to be caring and unselfish individuals. As we look back at those times we realize how close we became as a family because of our participating as a family in these activities. At first our children were not excited about “helping” other people, but after a very short time, the attitude changed. After each volunteering activity we would have a family meal at a local restaurant. We used the time during the meal to discuss how it made each of us feel to do what we had done. Our children would always mention “warm fuzzy” as a feeling after seeing the smile on the faces of the people we assisted. When we finally returned home we all felt a sense of accomplishment. Of all our volunteer activities, visiting nursing homes was our most memorable. You could see the appreciation in the faces of those wonderful people with whom we were privileged to spend some time getting to know.

Sundays: Church was our primary activity every Sunday. Being able to attend the church of our choice as a family gave spiritual strength to us as individuals and as a family. Worshiping together with our friends was a special time for our family. A time of spiritual growth and appreciation for each other as part of a loving and caring family. After most Sunday services we either had been invited to one of our friends’ homes for lunch or we had invited guests to join us at our home for lunch. Either way, it was a continuation of sharing with other people with like interests and our children strengthened friendships with our guests children. Sundays were truly a blessed day for our entire family.

Activities That Are Part Of A Vacation

So as not to turn this post into the length of a major novel, I will just simply state that the planning of our vacations were done by everyone in our family. It was our goal as parents to choose a vacation location that could be fun for every member of the family. We never had unlimited funds for vacations, but you would have thought by the stories our children tell of our trips that we did. The “Family Vacation Savings Box” money was dedicated to our children’s entertainment and their souvenir purchases. Also, to conserve funds, we tried to plan a vacation route that would include areas where we could visit relatives. (Our adult children now refer to our vacations as “Family Tree Vacations”) This served a dual purpose: saved us money on motels and gave us time to visit with family members we had not seen in several years. As an added plus we could also gather updates for our family history scrapbook.

We live in what is referred to as the Midwest section of the United States. Most of our family live in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Texas. Two of our favorite destinations were Nashville, Tennessee and San Antonio, Texas. We had numerous activity choices in both. When we went to Nashville, we routed through Kansas City as our 12-year old was a fan of the Kansas City Royals baseball team. So, he wanted to go to a baseball game. Our 8-year old was taking guitar lessons, so he wanted to go to the “Grand Ole Opry” in Nashville. Being as both locations had theme parks, our 4-year old was quite satisfied to ride anything that was slow. My wife and I enjoyed all the selections our children made, we had to as they put up with our visiting the relatives on both sides of the family.

It is my hope that this article will encourage you, the reader, to start involving your children in your activity planning if you don’t do so already. If you are including your children in your activity planning, may this article give you some ideas to give your activities some variety. Raising christian children is such a challenge in today’s world. We as parents should be challenged to find as many methods as we can to involve our children in wholesome activities that will encourage them to consistently keep their focus on things eternal. May God bless your and your family!

Hotels And Motels Online: The Easy Route To Cheaper Rooms

Oh the joys of traveling. Most of us have had both good and bad experiences over the years, but what usually kick starts the trip off to either a fine or poor start is the accommodation. It's so important for the owners of holiday lodgings to create a welcoming feeling on arrival. Whatever the type of business, there's never a second chance to make a first impression, and the hotels and motels of the world are certainly no exception to that rule.

Obviously, all the glossy brochures and posters promoting the hotels and motels are going to create great visual impact, but just how much of what we see in these illustrated ads actually bear a resemblance to the places in reality?

The search for fine hotels and motels starts by knowing how to locate them. Years ago this was no easy feat as all we had to go on were a few brochures and a bit of a hard sell from the travel agents. Thanks to the internet, those methods are now in the dark ages of travel and tourism.

The best thing about the booming travel industry worldwide is the availability of the hotels and motels that have sprung up literally everywhere. An abundance of places to stay has created some healthy competition among hotels and that can only be good for customers in terms of both the quality and affordability of available lodgings.

If you already know you destination or general geographic preference, you can simply hop online and log onto Google or one of the other great search engines out there. With Google at your disposal, just type in your destination and within a millisecond you'll have a whole bunch of hotels and motel to browse through based on your search terms.

On my last trip to Orlando, I made great use of the World Wide Web a few months prior to the trip. It was so easy to find a choice of 4 and 5 star hotels and up-market motels to choose from. Each one of the hotels and motels that I short listed had their won website. It was just fantastic to get recent pictures of the layout, the rooms, the restaurants and the recreational areas, plus of course, the latest prices and promotions. A few of these places actually had online virtual tours which wave panoramic scrolling views of the establishment.

Whether you are someone who travels a lot on business or just a care-free holiday-goer who loves to take trips, I strongly recommend you do all your searching for hotels and motels online. Even if you have some loyalty in places you've stayed for years, why not jump online and see what's available? You'll be really amazed at the variety in quality, location, and cost that's around these days. Oh, and let's not forget to mention the terrific promotions that get thrown out there from time to time, and yes, many of these special deals are available to internet booker only.