Hotels in St Andrews – Golfing and Luxury Accommodation in St Andrews

St Andrews is a small town located in the Kingdom of Fife on the east coast of Scotland. The town is best known as being the "Home of Golf", this is a reference to the Old Course golf course which is one of the oldest courses in the world and one of the most famous golf courses in the world.

There are six golf courses within St Andrews and there are dozens more within the immediate area. The towns tourist industry is heavily dependent on golf, with a wide selection of golf specialist stores in the town center and also several hotels offering views over the Old Course.

There is more to St Andrews than just golf, it has many historic buildings and a unique architecture and strict that draws comparisons with Edinburgh. The two main examples of these are St Andrews Castle and St Andrews Cathedral.

Both of these structures are next to each other and are open all year round to visitors. They are run and maintained by Historic Scotland and the castle in particular offers an excellent photo opportunity as it looks out onto the coast of St Andrews.

Although St Andrews is a small town there is no shortage of accommodation available through the town center. Most have views of a golf course and for a small place a large amount of St Andrews hotels are five star rated and offer luxury accommodation.

The two most popular luxury hotels in St Andrews are the Old Course and the Fairmont. The Old Course Hotel is situated over looking the Old Course golf course and it has some fantastic facilities. There are Spa facilities and a fine dining restaurant in the hotel and luxury rooms which offer panoramic views of the golf course. It also has a central location with the town center being only a ten minute walk away and the main attractions only 15 minutes away.

The Fairmont St Andrews is situated on the edge of the town and overlooking St Andrews Bay. It has two championship golf courses within its grounds and also has spa facilities. The rooms and standard of service are second to none, as you would expect from a five star resort.

There are other luxury hotels which are located along the old course and they all offer guests very comfortable accommodation and golf views. There are cheaper alternatives available in the town with backpacking accommodation at the ST Andrews Tourist Hostel being the cheapest.

Venetian Tradition In The Hospitality Industry – Hotel Saturnia & International

Hotel Saturnia & International and its venetian tradition

The Hotel Saturnia is one of those few Hotels in Venice that are not "Just an Hotel" in town, many of the accommodation facilities in town are simply buildings born to accommodate the increasing demand of potential guests willing to visit the serenissima and its unique lagoon , especially all the new hotels that are impressively quickly growing nowdays, are just a simple business aimed enterprises ….

Have you ever been in a four stars Venice Hotel with very little service, no restaurant, no bar facility etc. etc. so then you should have clear what I am intending.

Hotel Saturnia owners are just simply doing their job as mission, are hoteliers for passion, tradition, ambition, keeping their great 4 stars hotel since 4 generations and operating under the same family named management since 1908. If you ever had the chance to stay in a hotel like this one in Venice, or somewhere else (since I do not know any similar in town) after or before Hotel Saturnia you will notice that a hotel is not just just rooms where to rest.

A Hotel with a restaurant may be important, and a great Hotel simply can not be without it, a great Hotel must guarantee service with its staff and not simply hand-in the keys of your room.
Hotel Saturnia has more than 100 employees for 90 rooms and all the divisions are directly managed from the managements / owners so no outsourcing for maintenance, maids, dishwasher, maids etc. etc. this policy does have a cost but the result is in a great service to the guest that is always first at the Hotel Saturnia.

Here below some good Venice Hotels to consider

Top Romantic Hotels Around the World

When you are on a romantic holiday, finding a perfect hotel is a must and if you are not short on budget, then the opportunities of lodging in a perfect hotel are much higher than the usual. For many people, the honeymoon is the only time when they consider luxury over budget and wish to have the perfect itinerary designed for the entire trip. Since the offers and deals on flight tickets are flooding the internet and fewer information on hotel places putting people into massive confusion, here we have come up with the list of top romantic hotels around the world that are really amazing and give away nothing but the best delights one can ever savor on. So, if you are not much worried about your budget and looking forward for something luxurious, mood-setting and joyful, then here is a list of the best romantic hotels across the globe for your references:

1. The Gritti Palace, Venice, Italy

The charming and romantic city of Venice must be in your travel bucket list for couple getaways and if you are planning on visiting this enthralling conurbation of the Italy in the near future, then you will find the Gritti Palace a perfect suit for your stays. With an average cost starting from US $ 800 per night previously, this place will give you an enthralling experience of all time. From the views of the Grand Canal to the fantastic interior that consist of historical artefacts from the heritage of the region are the largest highlight of the place. The incredible hospitality along with fascinating suits are the key features along with myriad world-class facilities. So, if you are planning on a dreamy vacation to the Venice, Gritti Palace will be the best option for you.

2. Shangri-La Hotel Paris, France

The romantic capital of the world Paris requires no introduction as the city is already in your travel bucket list. The fascinating capital of France is already having an image for being dreamy as well as expensive enough itself, but when we speak of the best romantic hotel, Paris raises the bar manifolds as you have to choose from the best of the best. Here, Shangri-La Hotel Paris has been a wonderful place for everyone. Incepted as a private mansion in its early days. This 101-roomed property is a thriving place featured with the classic interior, state-of-the-art interior, world-class services and close proximity from the center of the attraction Eiffel Tower. The average cost of the stay starts from US $ 930 per night and can give you a lifetime experience to cherish.

3. Rosewood London, London, England

The blooming British capital London is a truly mesmerizing place for everyone to spend a quality and memorable couple vacation and before you think of any place that can be suitable for your luxurious stay (except for the Buckingham Palace), Rosewood London will catch your eyes instantly . The exterior itself has been a catch for tourists, but once you step inside this giant hotel property, you will understand what has made this hotel to fall in this list. Featuring an abundant range of hotel suites ranging from US $ 550 per night and offering an array of incredible features such as large rooms, exquisite interiors, outstanding hospitality and mood-setting charisma, Rosewood London will certainly give you an experience you will never forget.

4. Soho Grand Hotel, New York City, USA

Many people do not find New York City as romantic as many more cities included in this article and may give-up without even trying. However, if you love to spend a dreamy time in the lovable city of NYC, then planning a stay at Soho Grand Hotel will be a great catch for you. Featuring an incredible variety of attributes and features such as state-of-the-art interior, bewitching contemporary style rooms, exquisite range of restaurants and bars and much more at a starting price of US & 210 per night, this place is really incredible while giving a close proximity from the largest attractions near the city center. So, for those who are looking for a budget romantic getaway in the Big Apple will find this place much more incredible.

5. One & Only the Palm, Dubai, UAE

Dubai is recognized around the world for its opulent lifestyle and royal culture which is introducing luxury travelers to a new level of plush experiences. However, for newlywed couples and romantic travelers with deep pockets, One & Only the Palm is one of the most enthralling hotel property in the region. Outshining the other accommodation options with its secluded beach, excellent scene of the city as well as the coasts, thriving range of amenities and dining options and much more, One & Only the Palm is a perfect getaway option for your next couple getaway. You can have the most exquisite and dreamy vacations in Dubai if you book your places in One & Only the Palm with a starting price of US $ 550 per night.

The definition of romantic settings differ from person to person and no matter how well filter the requirements, there will always be a truck load of options for you to choose a perfect and enthralling hotel stay accommodation provided the budget. Since the romantic places are still outnumbered by the couples who are seeking these places, you'll consider getting through these places well in advance to ensure of getting your suit reserved for better experiences and find a perfect travel agency for better deals and get your itinerary booked .

Ober Gatlinburg Keeps visitors on Top of the World

When you think of Ober Gatlinburg, the first images that come to mind may be of skiers and snowboarders shushing their way down a snow-packed mountainside. And while that's how the resort first made a name for itself, this Gatlinburg attraction has a lot to offer Smoky Mountain visitors all year long.

Ober Gatlinburg's amusement park has plenty of ways for families to have fun, even when the temperatures are on the high side. In fact, in summer you can cool off on the park's water slides or feel the wind in your hair while diving off the bungee tower.

Other attractions include a downhill alpine slide, swinging pirate-ship carnival ride, scenic chairlift to the mountaintop, mini golf, bumper cars and more. There's even a black bear habitat where you can get an up-close view as live bears interact and play. (Note that most activities at Ober Gatlinburg have separate admission charges.)

Of course, once winter sets in, fun lovers continue to flock to Ober Gatlinburg ski resort. With Smoky Mountain skiing, indoor ice skating, dining, shopping and more, all located in one scenic spot, this attraction is still one of the region's top destinations for wintertime fun.

Once there, you can hit any of Ober's eight groomed slopes, which are ideal for both skiers and snowboarders. Two quad and one double lift service the slopes, which range from easy to difficult. Beginners can learn how to get moving at the ski school, and there are equipment and apparel rentals as well.

The slopes host special events throughout the season, including night skiing, which allows skiers to stay on the light runs well into the evening. This year, the resort is also introducing its brand-new snow-tubing park, featuring 10 lanes that drop 50 feet in elevation.

Back inside the resort's main building, you can take a spin on the ice skating rink, enjoy a meal at the restaurant, browse the shopping mall or enjoy any number of indoor amusements such as the Velcro wall and Zeke's Shooting Range.

While you can certainly drive to Ober Gatlinburg via Ski Mountain Road, the best way to get there is to take the aerial tramway from downtown. In 2007, the resort replaced its original tramcars, which dated back to 1972, with new high-grade aluminum cars that give passengers more viewing area for enjoying some of the Smokies' most spectacular scenery.

The Ober Gatlinburg tramway has transported more than 18 million passengers since 1972. Service runs to and from downtown Gatlinburg every 20 minutes, and the ride covers 2.1 miles one way between downtown and the resort.

Check This Out Before Purchasing a Travel Club Membership

When it comes to selecting a Travel Club Membership there are many different options available. Today I would like to spend some time helping you determine which one is best for the long term travel needs for you and your family.

1. The first thing to look for is how long has the provider of the Travel Club Membership been in business? Generally it is best to be at least a little skeptical if they have only been in business for only a few years or less. If they have been around for a decade or more it generally means they have many satisfied clients. In either case you can check out their reputation by going to and put their name in the search box. Also their local BBB should be able to help you out.

2. What is the initial investment and what are the fees you will pay in the future? It doesn’t make sense to select a discount travel club membership that you won’t be able to afford in the future. Some will have hidden fees you must pay even if you don’t use your travel club. It is best to select a plan that only require you to pay when you travel.

3. What types of trade associations does the re-seller belong to? I.E. Do they belong to reputable associations like CARE (Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers) and ARDA (American Resort Development Association)?

4. How many locations will be available to you when you use your discount travel club membership? Some only offer a dozen or so while others offer thousands of world-wide destinations. If you enjoy variety you will want to select a travel club that has a large inventory.

5. Check out their customer service record. Are you doing all the planning yourself or do they offer 24/7/365 concierge customer service? Now I don’t know about you, but I enjoy being pampered like a big old baby when I go on vacation!

6. Will you receive large discounts not only at the resort but also on airfare, motel stays and discount cruises? When we have a recession in the future I’m sure you’ll still want to go on a nice vacation, right?

This essentially puts a wrap on the decision making process you will need when you purchase a travel club membership. Who knows, we just may meet some day on the best beaches, cruise ships or resorts the world has to offer!

European Bicycle Tours

Europe, with its rich culture and heritage, has been the Mecca for travelers since the earliest of times. With cities that offer mild weather and picturesque charm to the snowy Alpine slopes and immortal Mediterranean shores, Europe is an explorer? S delight.

The first bicycles were invented and used in Europe, as early as 1818 and with European colonization, the ingenious machine became popular around the world. People went around the entire continent on bicycles, exploring the diversity of the land even before the term 'bicycle tours' was invented. The practice became popular as an inexpensive and exciting alternative to road and rail travel. After nearly two centuries, the bicycle remains one of the most popular means of transport and recreation in Europe.

When people think of European bicycle tours, the first thing that they think of is the Tour de France, an amazing cycling race that transverses the entire French landscape. However, the Tour is a competitive sporting event, whereas a 'bicycle tour' is a leisure activity that generally forms, part of a guided vacation. Whether riders chosen to cycle through Europe, on their own or as part of a package vacation, planning is essential. Details such as the budget, the duration of the trip, the countries and regions all have to be charted out carefully. Riders need to acquaint themselves with the general topography, of each region as well as the local climate, and the best season, to visit a particular place. It is highly recommended that riders map out a route, and take note of all motels, lodges and B & B? S along it, to ensure that they have a place to stay, every time they wish to rest.

One of the largest impediments to a smooth European bicycle tour, are the large language variations within the region. The best way to overcome this problem is to learn a few phrases in the most popular languages, and carry an ample supply of dictionaries, maps, and directories.

Hidden Haven, The Lazy U Motel

In Rapid City, SD, nestled at the base of Mt. Rushmore Road, dwells a quaint little family owned motel. The Lazy U, built in the 1950’s, has a charm that draws guests back year after year. Recently celebrating their 70th Birthday, the restored hotel is as fresh as opening day.

Verlyn and Cindy Bourne have owned and maintained the motel for the last fifteen years. One of the last Mom & Pop’s in the Black Hills, The Lazy U is a real gem. They have given the little motel a charm that is rare in today’s bustling world. Parked out front, a 1954 Chevy Truck greets you, complete with The Lazy U logo. Cindy’s grandfather owned the truck brand new and she learned to drive in it. You may find Cindy taking it out to the farmers market or a trip to the grocery store. Restored from a former farm truck to The Lazy U Mascot, the Bourne’s are always glad to use it for photo backgrounds.

Transported back in time upon entering the lobby. You will you find reasonable prices and friendly faces. A personal greeting awaits you by the family themselves – Cindy, Verlyn or Cindy’s cousin, Jackie. Travelers can enjoy a cool drink and lively conversation and a slew of maps and brochures. After check-in, receive a real key with a throwback-bright-turquoise key fob. The Bourne’s and their family members delight in making your stay a most enjoyable one.

You will feel right at home and part of the family. Enjoy gleaming rooms, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and room-front parking. Verlyn, the Routemaster, or one of his understudies will be glad to map out your day trips. Hike, bike or visit the many beautiful sites and attractions in The Black Hills. Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse only the beginning of your Black Hills adventure. After a long day of adventuring, come home to a cool, clean room.

Enjoy the most comfortable night’s sleep that one can expect away from home. The beds, recently and often changed out for brand new pillow top sets, will leave you wanting to sleep in. Crisp clean linens and soft towels will help you to feel pampered. Hairdryers are available at the front office but you will have to bring your own shampoo. The family foregoes expensive toiletries for low price lodging.

This little gem from the past will have you planning your next visit before check-out. You will head home well rested and full of fond memories. When you leave you will understand why folks return year after year to the charming Lazy U Motel.

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