What to Expect to Pay in Deposits at Pet Friendly Hotels

Are you having a confusing time trying to understand how much you might have to pay in deposits at pet friendly hotels?

When you’re looking for a pet friendly hotel, it is easy to get confused with what you might pay for a deposit or even an extra pet fee.

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One of the main reasons it can be so difficult to understand how much you might pay in deposits or fees is because there are absolutely no standard rate or deposits, whether the hotels are individually owned or part of a larger chain or management company.

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Many hotels and hotel management companies may have limits on the number of pets per room, or their related fees may depend on the size or weight of your dog or cat or the combined total number of domestic animals you will be traveling with.


Here are just a few examples of pet friendly hotel policies and deposit amounts so you can get an idea on just how much diversity there is when it comes to corporate policies for hotels.

  1. Motel 6 does not charge any pet fees and does not publicly state any restrictions on size, weight or breed of pets. They also don’t state any limit on number of pets in a room. Verdict: $0 pet deposit and $0 pet fee.
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  3. Extended Stay America charges $25 per night for each pet as a non-refundable fee and only until you have reached their maximum amount which is $150 for your entire stay, per pet. They will only allow two pets per room. If you do have 2 pets per room, you will be charged $50 per night total, until you reach a total of $300 pet fee.
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  5. Marriott is also a pet friendly hotel company, however not all hotels accept pets, and the fee can vary greatly from a set fee per stay to a deposit amount to a nightly fee, so much so that it is hard to summarize the Marriott policy here.

As you can see, there are various different policies for fees which can be quite confusing. Please don’t be discouraged though, and continue traveling with your furry family members!

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The more of us who travel with them and request pet friendly rooms and give feedback to hotel ownership about their deposits, rates and policies, the more the hotels will begin to pay attention and increase their pet friendly policies and available rooms.