Minnesota has a great opportunity to speak to one of its greatest players for a popular ice-cream hall.

The Minnesota Twins have announced their intention to participate in this year's team championship. The seven-time Golden Globe player will attend a special event as the twin journalist John Gordon on the weekend of July 16-17.

Although the Savior deserves the respect, the organization could have kept at least a full time before submitting to the Hall of Fame. Once the hunter is finished with one of the club's leaders in the house, he has a very good time, so he can finish playing again.

It appears that the decision has not yet been made, as the club has not committed anyone in three years. Also, why would you like another fan who retired in the winter, whose numbers seem to be compared to Hunter & # 39; s?

May He was a member of the Minnesota team that reached the American League Championship in 2003 and spent two of their careers there. The Hunter spent twelve seasons with the Twins, and Cody played eleven.

So was their production. The hunter was able to hit 214 home runs and 792 rib twins.

Instead of rushing to implement both recently retired Minnesota, Minnesota should honor one of their greatest players when unexpectedly removed from their respective halls. Chuck Knoll played for the Twins for seven years, where he averaged a .304 batting average with 1197 pitches and 276 stolen bases, and most notably, Minnesota's first win of the year, with five doubles as the second guard.

The fact that Nolanock has won multiple championships since the departure of Minnesota should not diminish his contribution to the Twins. He is one of the most exciting players to have a Twins uniform and is the second-best player in club history behind Rod Coward.

Ninobach has long been neglected by its organization and has grown, and the club has the opportunity to rectify that mistake. If the hunter is eligible to be drawn a few months after his retirement, he should certainly be long enough to pay the same respect to Nolanckle for ten years.