Winning North Star Cash Game from the Minnesota Lottery.

The Minnesota Lottery has a very good game called Northstar Money. It's good for two reasons. One, drawn every night, which means the lottery players get their fix, and most of all, it offers amazing opportunities to win the jacket.

Now, I would say that the chances of winning the jacket are amazing, not everyone who plays the game wins the jacket. Instead, the relative chances of other lottery games are impressive. To win the jacket, you must compare 5 numbers from 1 to 31 to win the jackpot. Compare all five numbers and the odds of winning Jack are approximately one-by -170,000. In terms of the answer, those opportunities may not look good, but they are. Compare that with the odds of winning the Powerball Jacket, roughly 195-195 million – approximately 195-million.

Look at it another way. If you only buy one ticket for these two lottery games, you will be 1147 times more likely to win the North Star cash ticket. If you ask, that is an amazing statue!

Now, the Nordstar game does not offer big jackpots like Powerball, but the size of the jackets is not the highlight of the game – it's a chance. But the awards at North Star Cash are never bad. Wolves start at $ 25,000 and grow from whoever wins. And, as the pictures are every night, the size of the jacket can grow quickly. If you live in Minnesota, you may want to consider playing Northstar money more than any other game.