Cindyr Lewis & # 39; God Seeker is more important today than He is & # 39; t can happen here.

Columnist Alice B. Lloyd b Weekly Standard [Recently] came the recently updated version of the popular novel. It can happen here & # 39; t By Sinclair Lewis. The 1944 autobiography, which issued a presidential election by President Donald Trump, has ruled the United States as a dictator and has become a best seller.

Instead of praising Lloyd's importance of the book, she asserted that it was based on Lloyd's column. It can happen here & # 39; t Cindyr Lewis is one of the most unhappy efforts. Minnesota, as well as the first American writer to win a Nobel Prize, recognizes that at least four novels are more relevant than mine today. t here & # 39; t will be done.

His style is set in the fictional village of Zanez, a small-town real estate agent. Babat. After the main character, Lloyd is listed first in her column. Next is the next one. Main street , First lady of the small town doctor's wish wife.

By Lloyd & # 39; Included in the list as fiction. Dodworth Baron of retired automobile reported a difficult marriage and life adjustment. The latest fiction center is starred in the traveling evangelist Emperor Gantry, titled Burton Lancaster.

The list is a new book on religious research in the United States. God requires. . This most forgotten Sinclair Lewis book is set in pre-Civil War America, but the message is very relevant to the religious crisis we find today.

Aaron Gad is a young man while working as a carpenter in a small town in New Jersey. After listening to an evangelist on Aaron's revival, he finally agreed to join the men's and 39 # missionary camp in the unincorporated state of Minnesota.

As the missionaries try to present Jesus' teachings to the members of the so-called sect of the desert, Aaron will eventually question many aspects that cannot be explained in the heart of Christianity. The youth learns to appreciate the faith of the Native Americans around him, in association with those who hope to be converted.

The Gado native, called the Black Olive, considered certain Christian religious ceremonies to be more important than those involved in the worship of his people.

As the black olf told Aaron, "We know that our God turns every inch of space; we do not make Him a sanctuary." "Christians dare not worship together unless they build houses that contain evil spirits, and they call this church, temple, or temple."

Dacon believes that Aaron should be known everywhere. He is also a skeptic, when he mentions his golf course, the Christian practice of sitting Sunday for worship.

Black olf Gaddad “Christians have a special day dedicated to their original God, but they are filled with responsibility and praise for God every day, hour, minute. "Wednesday and midnight on Wednesday is the sound of his voice on every wind and every stream."

The black olf also makes it questionable about Christian marriage ceremonies compared to the Dhaka and other tribes who are very angry at the wedding ceremony.

The Black Olive describes it as a typical Christian wedding, “The fun and oppression of public marriage is the worst of all. Marriage between us and Dakota is a private business between a man and a woman who steal for a while to break up their marriage just in front of the stars and clouds.

as if God requires. Censorship Lewis shows that it is safe to call Americans your faith from time to time, and they must allow themselves to hear how they can be understood in other cultures. Religious and cultural divisions among US citizens today, many of us can benefit from reading a 1949 book that addresses many of our current issues.