Aviation history topics: from the documentary "Aviation" to Charles Lindbergh

Smithsonian document “Fly:”

Perhaps the aim of the search for speed, distance, and air conquest was not intended to alter our subjective view. But it finally did.
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When the first balloon rose from Earth in 1783 in France, he not only referred to the dawn of flight, but also served as the basis for man’s first external perspective of himself – as if he had stripped himself of the gravitational lock again in himself for the first time. On the other hand, this act was not without repercussions.
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The cute balloon brush with the steeple did not demonstrate the need for more lateral control, but also became the first time that an actual “infiltrator” descended from the top based on what the consensus has so far considered solid, unavoidable solid “ground” – perhaps, only one in the population . Because this may be the first “small step for a person”, she indicated the beginning of primitive childhood.
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In her childhood as a device of pleasure and speed, the 1920’s designs of piston engines, double wings, fabric-hooded necklaces and wire strut rolls soon demonstrated their transportation and protection capabilities during their rapid development in World War I and II, political borders, country, continent, and ultimately, the planet.
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No other development in the history of human achievement has taken such a rapid pace in the process of changing the individual’s perception of time and space. The first orbital rocket launch, from the atmosphere to escape from gravity, parallel to the first balloon flight, once again provided completely new perspectives and perspectives before, and only expertly experienced perspectives, now only from a greatly increased altitude reached at great speed. Despite its sophistication, the orbital capsule was, in a paradoxical way, just like “fragile” in the no airspace of space as the balloon was. It was definitely just childish growth.
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The space mission clearly demonstrated that conquest in airspace sought to increase speed and distance. But that mission, like a balloon, was only the first step toward the next stage of development and discovery. Who can predict what he will reveal?
Although the Smithsonian movie, Aviation, tracks the development of human transportation, successive technological developments of speed and altitude allowed for greater distances to be negotiated. With these distances, subjective perspectives became ever-changing. Since the line “We only live in the narrowest margins … Snowflakes temporarily fall into snowstorms and fiery storms of matter in space” by nature, this far-reaching travel has demonstrated how important it is to our place in time and space. .. Perhaps, on a comparative scale, how truly fragile. The higher the distance, it seems, the more perspective is adjusted. Although human transportation, especially air and space transportation, has yielded many benefits, it has also led to a secondary development: from a human perspective. Einstein’s theory of relativity requires a time / speed ratio. Can’t there be a similarly distance / perspective ratio?

Development of air transport:
The development of air transport required a three-phase development: developments of aircraft lighter than air, designs heavier than air and, ultimately, space flight.

Facing the unknown worlds to date, the first pioneers had to reach the elevator with kites and balloons before the subsequent designers could control it. As it usually happens when confronting the unknown, people have met him with skepticism and fear and interpreted myths about Da Vinci’s air creations as “works of Satan”. Indifferent, the early pioneers continued to conquer and tame elements while increasing stability, rigidity, speed, and strength. Skeptic slowly went beyond accepting clear and far-reaching proof of design integrity through crossings such as the English Channel by Bleriot and Atlantic by Lindbergh. The fact that they were both a water cover and a remote coverage represented a two-component invasion simultaneously: air and sea.

With advances in speed, distance, and reliability, the flight has increasingly facilitated war, trade, business, communications, and shared passenger transportation, thus becoming an integral part of our lives. Thus the emotional responses to fear and suspicion came a whole cycle of that of widespread trust and dependence.

North America with 25 Mitchell:

B-25 was designed in 1938 to meet the Air Corps requirements for a mid-range port, then designated the NA-40, and then flew for the first time in January of the following year with two Pratt and Whitney Wasp engines, at 1,100 HP. Later destroyed.

Still influenced by the overall design, Air Corps requested a revised version, with the tail weapon, designated NA-62 installed. I started flying test on August 19, 1940.

Perhaps its most famous mission was to launch 16 B-25s from the Hornet aircraft carrier on April 18, 1942 to start the first air attack against Japan. Although all the planes were lost, the mission achieved its goal.

Several consecutive releases were made, including the 75mm specific derivative B-25G and B-25H – the 14.50-caliber equipped with weapons – which was recently considered the most-armed aircraft in World War II.

B-25 Mitchell inspected at Farmingdale’s Republic Airport in September 1995, tail number N3161G in olive green markings, revealed itself as a mid-wing monoplane with Hurricane Wright Cyclone, a force of 1700 hp, and its mounting points are fitted with the section Between the wing dihedral from the wing to the engine and the front end to the side of the wing. Without the advanced hardware, the wing itself is characterized by pronounced formations with double-edged trailing edges, again divided by power units. Design characteristics Double vertical anchors were fixed to the sides of the horizontal tail. Front and rear artillery stations were provided glazed, although both were free from sitting or armed on this particular aircraft. Visibility was provided by a two-part windshield and rectangular side windows on both sides of the cockpit, which were themselves above the front artillery station. The plane sat on the undercarriage of the rear three-wheeled bike.

Of the approximately 11,000 B-25 aircraft produced – the most popular in number and removed from the gun, and 12 B-25J with machine guns – the latter did not retire from service until January of 1959, two decades after NA- It was 40 prototype that came out to heaven.

1924 Great Air Race:

Simultaneously with each life cycle, there is a necessary period of separation from the safe and fun proximity of the uterus in order to begin the maturity sequence that supports autonomy so that one can ultimately provide a job and purpose in the world. Thus one becomes a “link” in the survival chain. Demonstrating models and pilots, who generate interest through their acrobatics and speed games, have so far shown their aerial designs as playful devices devoid of specific interest or functionality. However, like their teenage human counterparts, planes necessarily had to demonstrate their reliability and value by demonstrating their capabilities to cross the distance and the geographical boundaries. Mitchell believed that the planes were the keys to future strength, power, and great utility, and endorsed the global mobility of four Liberty twin-engine aircraft for this purpose.

Perhaps to accomplish such a feat, a person would first have to demonstrate his survival to survive in danger, to dare, prove, and win in the end. This, in part, reflects childhood. And they risked doing so: They suffered from mechanical failure, accident, leakage, blizzard, sandstorm, screaming line, fatigue, polar temperature, and death. But humanity will ultimately reap the benefits from the seeds that have been sown.

The first Pacific air passage has culminated in the desired course by deviating one mile, and it has certainly indicated that this “child” aircraft will live a very fruitful and fruitful life.

Machines sometimes take the personalities of who they design (and navigate to). The fact that the plane, in its quest to mature and prove its importance, simulated the human development cycle, and almost drunk it in religious colors: the plane was designed “in his image”, and thus was created to serve him.

Successful coverage of 26,000 miles on Earth in 176 days provided the eternal basis for flying, and indirectly for men. Why could this be reflected in the air system other than the person in whom he breathed life so that it would be easier for him, like a mature adult, to become the latest link in the survival chain?

From the post-adult and human cycle: Is it not symbolic that the 1924 air race necessitates an entire Earth’s ocean? Perhaps like life itself, the race made a full circle to return to its original place. Do all things not start again …?

The movie “The Spirit of St. Louis:”

On the threshold of any bold endeavor, one always faces the moment when his abilities, skills and beliefs are directly stopped against the event. Despite all the prior preparation and condemnation, doubts are always flowing and restricting confidence and reason, and they must be met by re-tracing the steps that led to the current decision making. During the night, restless before crossing across the Atlantic alone, Lindbergh encountered such a phenomenon.

Trained in his past to temporarily rebuild the lost trust, you might think of his way through events that had prepared him for his pledge. After defying a blind, blizzard on his way to Chicago during the days of carrying him on a plane in the open cabin surface and suffering from engine loss, he parachutes to an ice field as the plane clears and spins. Ultimately covering the remainder of the train, he decided that crossing across the Atlantic would dispel this reputation of unreliability and demonstrate the full potential of commercial aviation. With her technological childhood that has now evolved, she has entered adolescence, looking for maturity – if the world can only realize this fact.

Although Lindbergh investors saw that his individual experience in a fan-mono-design free of navigator and messenger was considered dangerous and relied on 40 hours of vigilance and control, his ultimate intention was to sublimate the inherent weight reduction to an increased range.

Ryan Airlines, Inc. San Diego has a design defined as 4,000 miles over a 63-day period using clock manufacturing tables to beat emerging competition in Europe. The fact that the plane was a streamlined, high-wing monoplane indicates that the Lindberg example has already been fulfilled. The actual flight will definitely determine the fate of this fact.

After her almost symbolic appearance in the fog-dawn dawn before departure on May 20, 1927, a silver Ryan monoplane fell into the darkness, suspicion, and mystery in the consensus regarding the attempt, but a small orange glow penetrating the sky on the horizon somehow reflected promise and hope – a goal For which the goal. From the current point of view, however, France was of the same infinite size.

The troubled, muddy and muddy takeoff take off, which barely cleared the tree line in the vicinity of the Roosevelt Field on Long Island, led to a paved cycle with no visibility, night lions, ice conditions, insecurity, sleep deprivation, self-doubt, and lots of searching for self.

But Lindbergh finally won with God and perhaps the prayer of a former student pilot, carrying the last hundred yards on the ground with him. Charles Lindbergh, through his 3,610-mile struggle, has driven commercial aviation to maturity.

Boeing B-17 flying:

A feeling of dread is always aroused in a person when standing face-to-face with a plane of historical importance, as happened on a crystal blue day temperature in the summer in mid-October at Farmingdale Airport in Republic. The Dark Green B-17, which rests on its traditional undercarriage and carries registration number 124485 and the name Memphis Bell on both sides of its nose, is stunted on a light leisure aircraft line of beech, cessna, and pepper. In many ways, the B-17 dwarfed all other designs during World War II, regardless of size.

Boeing is designed to meet Army Air Corps requirements for a multi-engine anti-charge blasting outlet, it has moved away from the standard dual-engine design by doubling the number of power stations to increase payload, range and service cap. The 299 model, backed by four 750 hp from Pratt and Whitney Hornet, flew the three blade pistons, for the first time on July 28, 1935 – its crew was made up of eight individuals and could carry an eight-pound payload of 600 lbs.

Flexible in nature enjoyed the low-wing basic plane with dorsal fins, however, it was gradually adapted to different roles with Wright Charlharhar turbocharged engines for high-altitude performance, increased spiral space and signage to increase efficiency in the B-17B, and self-locking tanks , Flowing cannons, and ventral bathtub on the B-17C-20 that are powered by the RAF. The B-17D survived in most parts of the Pacific Theater. Subsequent B-17E included a higher fin accuracy for shelling at high altitudes, a back supported back, increased armor protection, and abdominal and caudal towers.

The design was of great importance to the war, in fact, Boeing, Lockheed and Douglas copied them with staggering numbers at one time. The B403 B40 aircraft produced featured the newly launched 3,405 long Plexiglas, wing-wing fan tubes and a docking base. The final and most popular version by number, the B-17G introduced in 1942, included chin-tower and stepped waist cannons and additional production amounted to 8,680 units.

With 12,731 aircraft, a battle over Europe and the Pacific, and indispensable on mission after the victory of the mission, the 124485 stood proudly in front of me in the shining morning sun triumphing to tell me its story.

Employment of the American aviation industry:

According to Robert Crandall, Chairman and CEO of American Airlines, “The lifting of restrictions is a counter-act and transfers wealth from employee pockets to passengers.” The decreasing price of airline tickets driven by force has increased seat numbers, eroded service, increased daily aircraft use, and reduced profitability. Although these low prices have produced massive growth in US passenger traffic – which has recently become an increasing global trend – their inherent reduction leaves fewer financial resources for aircraft purchase, training, salaries, and employee benefits, and has indirectly led to time, and the benefit is empty. , Land Employment Recruitment Company.

Emphasizing this harsh reality were the common themes expressed by the guest speakers: current conditions and intense competition necessitated the final control of the preparation and application process, including applied education, CV formation, and self-presentation during subsequent interview procedures. Based on my experience in the airline industry, appropriate networks and communications have never been more important in securing jobs with adequate revenue.

The liberalization of airlines is a present history that is still evolving. I lived it! Forces of deregulation – not selection – have been the culprit and responsibility for my 15-year career in aviation and space. It is unfortunate that my personal expectation regarding ground locations with American airlines is not optimistic: Passengers will never give up the possibility of reaching air travel at low prices, and airlines have only managed so far, and some are very unsuccessful in dealing with this spiral with rampant service . , Salary, and cut benefits. Equally unfortunate is the fact that foreign flags have increasingly imitated this pattern rather than rejecting it. Deregulation, in either the original US form or under mature global maturity, has laid the foundation on which airlines have traditionally leaned: protectionism and adequate sustainability prices.

Lindbergh: The man behind the legend:

Human behavior is similar to language. There can be a very clear message being delivered in the face of a person’s behavior, but unless the person has the ability to translate the statement, it becomes a loss of communication. The fact that a person’s image stained with achievement and victory further obscures the message’s reception makes the task a double translation. These phrases certainly apply to Charles Lindbergh … but only if the focus is on the man behind the legend.

In order to understand the forces at work, one must first reduce some psychological concepts to simplified terms. For example, I couldn’t give you $ 5.00, unless I got $ 5.00, and no one gave it to me. Likewise, Lindbergh could only grant love and emotions if he had acquired these feelings, especially during childhood. People who try to navigate life with a hole of this size and importance in their lives demonstrate distinctive personality traits of physical, emotional, individualism, antisocial tendency, solidity, “living in a self-surrounding”, prejudice, and the inability to make mistakes. Many of these strong historical figures who are unfortunately well known.

Lindbergh’s father had once left him on a lake in order to learn how to swim and may have fostered independence and self-reliance, but it could also have been the early origin of distrust of him. His mother, when he shook his hand every evening before going to bed, definitely supported this perception of coldness, lack of love, and lack of interest. Love is nourishing oneself. Without it, the self fails to develop, the person retracts and gives up his numbness so that the individual can physically separate from physical and emotional pain in extreme cases. Lindbergh’s father, in proof, once challenged surgery without anesthesia. What was the basis for the small parentage of Lindbergh himself that collapsed at the age of five when his parents eventually separated. Thus he negotiated life with an undeveloped subject, not nourished, resisting subjective alienation and peripheral life. Unrelated to his inner “essence”, he may never know “himself”.

Although he liked flying, this act probably saved an escape by cutting off his conscious connection to his painful past. Airborne, he was first able to achieve “new heights”, superiority, victory, and control. It would have been the only “internal control” he was feeling. The trip provided a sense of validation: his dangerous and courageous actions may be a form of self-testing, and when they succeed, or evidence of self-worth, albeit ephemeral: however, positive and noteworthy reinforcement was not received during childhood. This degree of danger forced him to live “on the edge”, a condition that seemed to reflect his internal condition. Childhood insecurity and insecurity causes a person to live on the brink of most of his life.

Considering himself immune to cement-like beliefs is ostensible evidence of nothing and indicating, on the contrary, a strong defense against deep-rooted insecurity, and a feeling that he was probably unable to benefit from it. This chronic need for “coverage” and compensation usually leads to absolute and visible thinking. In the extreme, it is unhealthy.

Although Lindbergh was highly praised by the awards, telegrams, gifts, packages, titles and job offers after crossing across the Atlantic, could crowds have unconsciously celebrated his separate toxic establishment that drove him to the event? The world may have seen it differently after the trip, but the man behind this victory did not change: he continued to be private, secluded, and disconnected. لا يمكن لأي شخص التواصل مع الآخرين حتى يتصل أولاً بـ “نفسه”.

ربما يكون اختطاف ابنه وموته قد عزز من سوء تصرفاته فيما يتعلق بالشخصيات الأساسية المرتبطة بماضيه ، وكان على الأرجح بمثابة انعكاس لقسوة العالم ، مما تسبب في تشديد قبضته على دفاعاته التي لا معنى لها. فقط قادرًا على فحص المأساة من الناحية التحليلية ، ولم يعرب عن أي شعور أو حزن أو عاطفة. في إعادة تشريعها التاريخي تقريبًا ، من المرجح أن الحدث ، الموجه الآن إلى هذا الابن ، عزز المفاهيم الخاطئة في طفولته وتسبب في تفاعله بالطريقة الوحيدة التي تمكن من الفرار – وهو فعل ربما كان يتدرب عليه داخليًا كل يوم من حياته. الانفصال عن النفس هو الهروب.

لم يكن ليندبيرغ غير قادر على الشعور به ، ولم يستطع أن يشعر “بالآخرين”: لم يكن قادرًا على التمييز بين عمليات القتل في معسكرات الاعتقال النازية وتلك التي تسببت فيها الحرب بشكل عشوائي. ألا يمكن أن يكون تأييده للموت تعبيرا متفقا عليه لما كان في أمس الحاجة إليه للتصرف أثناء الطفولة ضد أولئك الذين فشلوا في رعاية ما يحتاج إليه من رعاية ومحبة والذين قاموا ، نتيجة لذلك ، ببث الريبة الأولية فيه؟ إن الأطفال الذين يفشلون في تأسيس اتصال مع مقدم الرعاية الأولية خلال اللحظات القليلة الأولى من حياتهم الثمينة غير قادرين على الاتصال “بأنفسهم” ويثقون بالآخرين لتلبية احتياجاتهم.

رحلة ليندبيرغ المنفردة عبر الأطلسي لم تكن خرافة. إن مجرد إنسان فائق متفوق لا تشوبه شائبة كان يمكن أن يجعل هذا العمل الفذ ربما. إن قيامنا بتدريس البحث عن نماذج يحتذى بها والأبطال الرهيبين يغرس سوء فهم لا لبس فيه ، دون أي تحد ، وهو أن الأفعال الفائقة لا يمكن أن يؤديها إلا أشخاص فوق البشر متفوقون. ربما ، في النهاية ، نحن بحاجة إلى دراسة مفاهيمنا الخاطئة التي يدرسها الطفل قبل أن نتمكن من رؤية ليندبيرغ في ضوء أقل سحابة.


30 creative ways you can use a virtual assistant to make life easier

This list is not exhaustive. You might be surprised how some creative entrepreneurs can take advantage of VA services to make their lives easier. Some entrepreneurs have a team of veterans who specialize in various fields, which is understandable. Very few individuals are experts in all fields … you will find many cranes of all professions, masters from nothing, but every now and then you find a master, and if the price is right … well, you would be silly let this one go, right? !
Think of your VA as you would your Secretary / Personal Assistant, because basically, that’s what they are. You will find some website design and maintenance specialists, some bookkeeping specialists, and some who can provide writing / editing services as well. Regardless of their specialization, you will find that they all offer “Fundamentals of VA”.
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With VA’s, one size does not fit all, but with a little twitching, you may find yourself one or more VA who are perfect for your business. Here are some ideas that you can use when you catch them …
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1. Your VA can handle your email, respond to routine requests and incite actions, forward information to others to deal with it, or forward it to you via the very important email that you can only deal with or know.
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2. You are going on vacation – let your VA handle your email in your absence. What you can’t afford, you can refer it to you to think about your next long drink under the nearest palm trees.
3. Mail – again, depending on where you live, you can get your VA and handle your mail, too. You can get this as a daily service or just when you are away.
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4. You may be a genius in marketing or creating “whizbang gadget tools”, but you are not hoping to set up your email program to modify your time zone indicators, your signature, your automatic response … relax! If she doesn’t know your VA right away, she knows how to spot her and she’ll help you.
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5. If you are going away, you may use some form of voicemail / messaging service to alert callers of your absence. Instead of losing work, give them your VA number or email address so you can contact them while you are away. It is much more reliable and professional and you do not lose business!
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6. Depending on where you live in relation to your VA server, you can transfer your calls to her phone so that you can answer them like a real-time receptionist. You can do the same with your faxes.
7. You need help with your diaries and appointments. VA is commonly used for this. Let them set your appointments and stay up to date with your schedule. Allow them to communicate with your clients, co-workers, journalists, participate in speaking, etc.
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8. Customer contact. You can’t always be there for your important clients, but you can’t have a VA program. Let VA handle queries, information requests, appointments, reschedule, etc.
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9. Maybe you travel a lot. Let your Veterans Affairs office arrange the best travel rate, accommodation reservations and car rentals. Your VA can also arrange where to talk to you – if you talk! Let them arrange the place, meals and snacks, hotel discounts, necessary equipment, etc.
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10. This is very basic, and it is worth noting … word processing. In the words of Homer Simpson the immortal … Duh! On the other hand, if you are from Homer Simpson, here’s what VA can do for you: Prepare and prepare notes, reports, articles, notes, letters and brochures (drafts or originals). In fact, anything you can do on a word processor, any VA can do for you!
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11. Take pesky meeting notes and turn them into professional minutes.

12. VA can produce guides for you and return this to you on floppy disk or via email. As previously reported no special reports, textbooks and professional documents.

13. Are meetings and presentations? Need Powerpoint? Look no further than your VA!
14. Even if your VA does not use MS Access, you can count on it can use MS Excel. When it comes to databases, you want a system that you can manage yourself if you have to. If you can use Access, good for you! If not, arrange with your VA to set up databases in Excel. This is simple and anyone can use it. You will need to keep customer information from their business cards, their credit card information, prospects, survey information, and article lists, who have been sent to them … just a few ideas to get started.
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15. Bulk email. Some VA will have their own software to send bulk email messages to multiple clients and enable individual email processing, or maybe you are a member of an online commercial company that lets you send these types of mass email messages. Either way, your VA can handle this for you.
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16. Register you and follow your login ID and passwords for everything that is registered – from affiliate status, online article submissions, free membership and listings, etc.

17. Desktop publishing. Brochures, newsletters, brochures, postcards, lists, price lists, schedules, calendars, certificates … Generally, all of these things can be done just as easily in MS Word – but MS Publisher provides ready templates. Either way, you have VA covered. Just tell her what she wants … with or without graphics or photos.

18. Copying tapes and CDs. These days, there are different types of equipment to handle different types of tapes used for tapes. Usually professionals in this field can handle any tape or CD you use. You can send it to your VA, print it and send it to you. Is it messy everywhere and you can’t or don’t have time to clean it up? Yes, you can hire an expensive specialist to clean and adjust it for you or you can search for a VA who specializes in this matter and let him do it for you.

19. Newsletter … There are various ways online to send you newsletters, and depending on how much you want to spend, your Veterans Affairs office can find what fits your budget preferences. It can handle all subscription and unsubscribe requests, put your newsletter together and send it as required, including handling all advertising requests and billing arrangements.

20. Veterans Affairs can manage and correct newsletters and other documents as well if it has this capability. There is nothing worse than receiving a newsletter from an alleged professional who is full of typos.

21. Some editors with written backgrounds can write your articles for placement in magazine editors or article sites on the Internet, or for use in your newsletters. You don’t want someone to take something they found out of the internet and add your name to it and the next thing you know, you are being sued for plagiarism! Or if you fail, your readers think you’re a scam because this same article appears elsewhere in the Internet by so many other authors! (Don’t laugh! It happens!)

22. Research – be it for an article, information, or item you are having trouble finding yourself. You may write a book and want some information … You may want to buy some software to help with your specific challenge or project … You may just want to keep up with your competitors up to … your VA can become super deceptive and get the information you Looking for her.

23. Buying gifts … how much do you want to spend? Submit your ideas to your VA and your gift recipient list and they can handle this and ensure that your clients (and even your family) will never forget!

24. Website. Need a website designed or maintained for you? Even if you already have a website, the pages need to be updated frequently. Some VA website specialists can do this for you and keep you up to date with the latest news. A VA specialist in this field can monitor your website traffic and recommend ways to improve online traffic and sales.

25. Book of Conservation. shudder! Well, it looks like some of you think accounting is great … there are those who really don’t mind bookkeeping. You’ll find them – they can keep your books, send invoices, make invoices, balance your accounts, etc. The strange thing is that they enjoy it!

26. Writing and editing services. In general, writing and editing are areas covered by a professional, and usually coaches Yoni, writers and editors. Just because you can spell and know where the station is going, don’t make you a “qualified” editor or writer. So, if you only want to manage simple things, some VA programs can do this for you, but if you are looking for some heavyweight writing or editing work, are considering a professional, or make sure to use VA with a background and experience in this business nature .

27. Marketing. Provides some VA experiences in Marketing and Advertising. Find someone with background and experience in this field. They can help you implement ad campaign, monitor campaign, etc.

28. Your company can distribute your marketing materials to the places and beneficiaries of your choice, either online or via email.

29. Do you employ other employees? no problem. The VA program can help you remember special dates such as birthdays, annual performance reviews, payroll and manage reference checks …

30. In short, you can use a virtual assistant the same way you would any secretary or personal assistant. You’ll find what you can’t do is prepare your coffee and make your presentation – unless she lives near you and is happy to travel and do it for you!


Create six numbers as a personal trainer and live the life you love

Create six numbers as a personal trainer and enjoy your life

How much do personal trainers do? Well, when I compare what I do as a personal trainer with millions, as many people on the Internet claim to be earning in the fitness industry, it feels like a slight change. For example, I got a spontaneous automatic email from a fitness official, claiming that he is a millionaire and that one of his friends earns more than 150,000-month. I do not earn more than a year as a personal trainer so I know that such "success stories" can make you feel as if you are on the wrong career path. So why do you pursue training at a high level? Why should someone want to be a personal trainer and earn only 100k? Well, the answer is not related to money.

Don't get me wrong. Income is important, but there are other things to consider, such as:

– What is your salary spent?

– How many hours do you work?

Do you enjoy doing your job?

– Where are you headed, professionally?

– Are you the type you want to be?

– Is your business fulfilling or carrying for you?

These are the factors to consider when determining how much importance you should attach to the amount you earn because you revolve around being a senior coach. It has nothing to do with income, because when you take all the factors into account, what this profession offers you is more than just what 100,000 represents.

This is not a mistake in getting six numbers … After all, $ 100,000 income has a certain cache and importance in America.

It denotes membership in the consumer community. You can now share and enjoy what people call the American dream and way of life. When you stop thinking about it, our entire consumer community is marketed to these six people. For example:

– You can afford payments on Mercedes-Benz.

– You can save enough to buy a home.

– You can build a modern wardrobe.

– You can take vacations to local and overseas resort locations.

You can afford to spend about 10% of your income each year.

Is all this superficial? Yes, but if you can't do these things or do it, you will feel ignored, as if you were one of the awesome kids who couldn't enter the party. However, consider the price of admission to this party. We feel it will take millions of dollars to live a comfortable and attractive lifestyle. Therefore, we are finished working for years

Ultimately, sacrificing the best years of life and more than the countless other things to get the kind of souls we want but the wind is wasting many of them in this endeavor. We failed to realize that just a simple six-digit profit plan would get us there! I remember when I first reached this level of profit. There is a certain sense of entitlement that comes with it – as if the curtain had been pulled out and a new world had been created for you.

Keep in mind that less than 10% of people in our community earn 100,000. When you think about the type of work involved in personal training, and the fact that training rates are very high, I think it should be the best and simplest profession to earn a six-digit salary. Quite simply, I mean, you can only earn it from customer training. You don't have to sell e-books, vitamins, books, balance boards, record videos, or open a small training studio. You can do this by training profitable clients – period.

If you haven't gotten a lot of coaches yet, chances are you aren't thinking about what to do right. I don't know where or when a personal trainer has a bad illness in the fitness industry, but I think the reason for this is that it is usually associated with the main health club, and not with independent coaches who want to create a stable exercise. This is why you hear a lot of people who enjoy physical fitness for some reason talking about underestimating the training. They want to skip the step of being a personal trainer. They are people who want to get a gym or train a strong coach for a large sports team.

There's nothing wrong with that; getting to the top position in this field is a great goal, and being a high-ranking coach can provide you with these opportunities. It becomes very easy to shape your future when you earn 75-100K in about 25 hours per week. Even if you are a college student working on a degree in sports science, earning a good income in this field will trigger your career curve directly. After all, what makes you more logical? Do you work part-time in doing some unrelated tasks while you are in school or are you really succeeding in the field you are studying in? Keep in mind that you can apply everything you learn at school to your clients

The life of the top-level coach has given me time to do and learn things I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. From a professional point of view, I learned to become an effective writer, made a lot of profitable links, wrote in major training journals, and spoke at major conferences. Personally, it gave me this kind of high-profile lifestyle that I thought was intended only for drug dealers or sausages in trust funds. Another group that knocks out the six-digit salary is the coaches who they think are already earning it. But when we talk about six numbers, there is a lot we don't talk about. I don't mean that you are:

I got 150,000 sales in the Training Department last year, of which I only kept a small contract.

I worked for 60 hours training children and elderly women (there is nothing wrong with that but this is not for everyone).

– You "own" a gym. I earn more than any of the private gym owners I've ever met. They all had business partners, so only the minority owners were in their gyms, they had a lot of expenses and they worked at least 60 hours a week. They did not own the gym, the gym is owned by them.

What's more, I don't care that you own a training facility, because after you've paid all your employees, your advertising expenses, and your advertising expenses, you are very lucky and smart if you go home over 100,000 – and again, you probably worked a lot of long hours doing this . No, when I say six numbers, I really mean six numbers for a house fee. How is that possible? That's because in our economy, the government loves entrepreneurs. They are the people who make the whole economy possible in the first place.

Remember, when you are a personal trainer, you are technically a small company, even if you don't have any employees or only have 10 regular clients. If you have configured S-corp as a small business person, you can declare that many of your expenses are tax exempt. The tax documents of S-Corps are not much scrutinized – it's an advantage of living in a capitalist country. America loves and cultivates entrepreneurs.

There are other pennies to consider, such as a fitness style. Did you know that most fitness conferences are held in Vegas and Miami? This means that all of your hotels, airline tickets, and admission to this event are all tax free, as well as your training certificates, gym membership, and workout lessons. So, how do you get this six-digit salary? It all boils down to just two things: Conducting expensive training sessions, finding about ten clients who can afford and keep their costs. It really is that simple.

The ball is in your court. Chase that.


Honest, critical review of Danny Johnson cheats

Who is Danny Johnson?

Danny Johnson started her career in the network marketing industry as a choppy, dispersed cocktail waitress worth $ 2.03 for her name. Within the first hours of starting her new business, she had made several thousand profit. She made more than $ 250,000 in her first year, and more than $ 1,000,000 in her second year, becoming the # 1 international producer in her company.

Since that time, she founded Call To Freedom International, and she travels all over the world to teach everyone who will listen (or who can listen, as we will see) the principles of her success.

Can she help me?

This depends on. Maybe you visited Danny and saw a wonderful collection of testimonials from people from all walks of life. Its website boasts over 10,000 unique testimonials from people from all over the world. Very impressive, to say the least.

My personal experience with Danny Johnson is not inspiring.

I first used to teach Danny when I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska. At the time, for the first time in my life I was getting a lot of income from my company, and about $ 4000 a month I only work two hours a day. My organizer was growing between 30 and 40% per month and I was really enjoying this process.

I came across Danny’s teachings and I really believed this would take me to the next level of success, and helped my team experience the success they were looking for. I bought each individual training on its website (quite a big penny, but I deserve to invest, or so I thought)

I gathered my entire team together and we had a huge bunch of jam filled with people listening to "digging in and closing your way to millions." They were all shot. (Danny can be very convincing.) Personally, I invested 3-4 hours a day listening to Danny’s training, and I think I finally found the “golden key”.

So what were the results?

My income immediately fell by $ 1,000, in that particular month, and employment almost stopped altogether. The funny thing was that nothing in the company had changed and we were more enthusiastic than ever. So, what did we do?

Instead of dropping Danny Johnson as a bad habit (as we should), we heard Danny say we need to go to a seminar, so a handful of us moved from Alaska to Los Angeles and attended by “well-known first steps to success.” I personally spent more than $ 1,500 between tickets Travel, accommodation and outrageous tickets, and between my group I think the price we paid was around $ 15,000.

That month, my income decreased by $ 1,000. Convinced that I needed to invest in my skills, I went to Danny titled "Creating a Breed" and bought its chapters "Exploration and Closure", where she spent more than $ 2,500 after two months.

what happened? My income entered from 2000 dollars to less than 1000 dollars, and then I fell to about 400 dollars before I did what I should have done, and this is the decline of Danny’s teachings like a bad habit and did what was proven to work!

Is Danny Johnson a SCAM or what?

Although there are many people who claim to benefit from her teachings, I am certainly not one of them. I invested 1000 hours of listening, called in over 5,000 clients, spent more than $ 5,000 in hard-earned money across the USA and purchased the exercises that destroyed my entire business. When I called and asked for a refund, (politely), they refused. Surely I feel deceived.

However, the good news is that when I became aware of "attraction marketing", my business started to explode faster than in the past, and now I am hiring more people than I can handle, or I can imagine …


If you are considering investing serious money in Dani Johnson material, just remember that when you sponsor a reseller, you are responsible for helping them succeed as quickly as possible, and most of them do not expect, (and do not want to)), to travel across the country paying college savings Their kids to go learn something that only works for sales superheroes. Any good and excellent MLM organization should provide this training to its members for free, provided they understand that if they benefit, they benefit.

This is how this company is supposed to be, helping people, and building each other's dreams through service, leadership, mutual prosperity and integrity.

If you want to spend $ 25,000 a year on training, learn from Danny Johnson. If you want to live a prosperous life, learn the appeal of marketing. It's your decision.


And God bless you.


F1 Grand Prix tax on Singapore hotels

The 2008 Grand Prix return in Singapore, after nearly 30 years of inactivity, has boosted tourism and the economy in the city-state. After stopping in 1974 due to people's complaints and concerns about traffic jams, societal noise and subsequent incidents in the 1972 and 1973 races, the Singapore government decided to co-finance the return of the race with the Singapore GP Pte Ltd, Singapore Tourism Board and Bernie Ecclestone.

With its massive return in September 2008, local hotels have received a lot of occupancy and have even experienced full bookings this season. Expectations that it will boost the tourism and hospitality industry in Singapore have proven to be correct and accurate.

It is true that hotels in Singapore take pride in hosting this popular event every year. Christopher Khoo, MD from Master Consult Services, explained that the hotel industry will be the first to benefit from the F1 race in Singapore. The rooms will be fully booked and prices will be kept high. Due to the large number of people arriving and with rooms that are fully occupied, other tourists may go even further as they take the rooms to neighboring countries, like Malaysia, just to watch the race.

Professor Prem Shamdasani of the National University of Singapore Business School said that organizing events such as the Formula One race is very expensive. In order for Singapore to keep up with the costs, a cost-sharing approach was recommended. A strong public-private partnership can help ensure that this event is well prepared and well planned. Consequently, the government imposed a special tax on all hotels.

The Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Mr. Eswaran, explained that a special tax of no more than 30% will be imposed on hotel revenues for a period of seven days during this season in order to help the government settle the costs of hosting the race. This special tax was expected to raise about $ 15 million to $ 20 million a year.

It was clear that not all workers in the industry were happy with the special tax that the government imposed on this particular season. With this special tax, hotels have recognized that price increases are the possible solution to keep pace with new regulations. On the other hand, the government has assured the hotel industry that it will give consideration to hotels. They recognize the need for companies and businesses to reap profits, but it is important not to forget their fair share in the nation.

Minister Eswaran explained that they are only asking 30% in order to give hotels an opportunity to take advantage of their sales and maintain their stake. Hotels near the racetrack and offer the best racing offer like that established in Marina Bay, you will pay 30% in full while those hotels in further places, pay less.

Experts say it is expected that the number of tourists will reach 35,000 people annually to attend this event. This external influx will always necessitate higher demand for accommodations and will drive higher prices for hotels and flights. A positive transformation of the Singaporean economy is expected with the revival of the F1 race. The tax, although somewhat heavy, on commercial industries will contribute to promoting the economic recovery of the city-states.


Exchange your money for cheaper travel

Money costs travel. There is no solution around it: if you want to move from one place to another it will cost you something. Once you arrive, it will cost you money to stay there. And when you're ready to go home, this will cost you money, too.

When you travel outside your home country – though I am American – this article will focus on Americans who travel outside the United States, but it applies to people of any nationality – there is another cost that most new travelers don't see. This is the cost of the money itself.

There is nothing magical about money. It is an arbitrary construct made by governments and imposed by law as a means of exchanging value. (One of the three distinct characteristics of money, in fact, is that it must be a "store of value.") While some countries choose for a number of reasons to use the currency of other countries to operate their economies, most of them exercise their sovereign right to create and print their unique form of money.

What makes all this a little difficult is that the value of one form of money versus the other fluctuates, literally continuously every second of the day around the clock. The exchange rate Between two currencies is one quantity required to purchase a predetermined amount from the other. For example, at the exact moment when this article is being written, it costs just over $ 1.95 USD (USD) to buy one British Pound (GBP).

The cause of currency fluctuations is a function of the international monetary system that is difficult to explain even in complex macroeconomic terms. However, you can think of it based on the relative strength of two economists as defined in their collective wealth, money in circulation, debt, and optimism for future growth, compared to before. (The last point is very important: many Americans feel surprised or angry when they know that the US dollar is not the strongest currency, given that the United States has the largest economy in the world. Exchange rates deal with the size of the money supply, not just the size of the economy.)

The reason that exchange rates have such an effect on travelers is that prices are in a certain language No Change based on exchange rates. For example, a double cheeseburger in a McDonald's menu costs $ 1.00 USD, regardless of whether $ 1.00 equals £ 0.65 or £ 0.50. If a British woman visits the United States and goes to McDonald's for lunch, she spends dollars, but dollars that she converted from pounds, which is how she measures her personal wealth back home. If the dollar is somewhat "weak" – if it can get more dollars for a pound than is usually the case – you'll buy that double cheese burger for less Pounds or pounds for weightIt means less money even though the dollars that are spent are the same.

If that is a bit confusing, then this is understandable. Americans do not travel as much as they say, Europeans, because our country is too big. Wherever we travel within our borders, which includes American territory such as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, we use dollars. It is only when we take risks that we face exchange rates. The impact, though, is too great.

When the US dollar is weak against a foreign currency, it costs Americans a lot to live in countries that use this currency. As of January 2007, for example, the British pound and the euro in the European Union are both strong against the dollar. This makes the cost of visiting Europe high on a daily basis Even if you get a cheap price. The longer you stay, the higher the exchange rate will affect your budget.

On the other hand, if you travel to a country where the US dollar is strong, you will spend less US money to get the same amount of local currency and thus the cost of living is lower while you are there. The Argentine peso, for example, is currently weak against the dollar. Take a trip to Buenos Aires, and you can eat steaks that would normally cost you $ 35 for about $ 12 (although the price hasn't changed in terms of pesos).

Here are some tips to keep your spending under control when traveling abroad:

  1. Do your homework. It is easy to find the prevailing exchange rates at It is difficult to know the exchange rate Usually It is, which is what you need to know to determine whether a currency is strong or weak – for example, the US strength gauge against the Japanese yen is based on blocks of 100 yen, not 1 yen. Internet searches can help.
  2. Take trips to places with weak currency. At any given time, some currencies are strong against the dollar and others are weak. If you want to see the world at a lower cost, focus on traveling to the places where your money will go. Prices are constantly changing, so you will eventually reach every place on your list.
  3. Use the cash while you are there. It is hard enough to decide if 5 € is too expensive for a sandwich if you know 5 € has cost you $ 8.00 at the time of the exchange. With a credit card, trading is carried out using the exchange rate at the moment of sale – something you do not know.

Finally, remember that some countries have used Bound currency, Which means that they give their currencies a constant value based on the money supply in another country. For years, Argentina pegged the peso value in 1: 1 to the US dollar, forcing the peso to retain its value. If a country has pegged its currency to your currency, ignore exchange rates because the value you spend will not change. Exchange rates can be a little difficult, and are among the most complex ideas that really should be controlled. If you plan your trips properly, you can use them to make your money extend outwards more than at home. This is one of the travel budget secrets.


Basic Tips – Singapore Travel

Basic Tips – Singapore Travel

Singapore is one of the best places to explore in Asia. It is safe, clean and undoubtedly beautiful. If you are going to see and experience the beauty of this country, you may find these basic tips worth thinking about:

1. Plan in advance. When do you intend to go? What places do you want to visit? Where do you want to stay? How much do you have to spend for your trip? How long do you want to stay?

Here are some questions that you may need to consider, which will help you make a trip to your travel. Planning ahead of time can save you a lot through promotions and discounts offered by airlines and travel sites. The whole trip can also be maximized by pre-selecting places you want to visit and merging these places into your itinerary.

2. Check out major travel sites and budget airlines for promotions, discounts and coupons at an early date. Travel websites like CheapOair and OneTravel offer comparable airline tickets from major airlines and offer offers and discounts on your flights from time to time. Budget airlines such as Tiger Airways, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Airville Express also offer discounts on flights to Singapore several times a year. Hotels Combined, Hostel World and Rakuten Travel offer you discounts, discounts and selection from a wide range of hotels / hostels in Singapore to enable you to choose and book in advance.

3. Take note of the basic details.

a. Flights: Generally, check-in offices open two to three hours before your scheduled flight, and close 45 minutes before your scheduled departure. Visit your airline's official website to find out more information about check-in details and other requirements. Do not forget to bring your passport, valid ID, printed track or boarding pass, if you have registered online access.

B. Hotel: Get the address of the hotel you will be staying in. Nearby hotel MRT / LRT Best station if you intend to explore Singapore using this transportation system. Find more information about the location, features and room Residence. Some hotels offer free in-room internet and / or breakfast, while others can provide it for a fee. Check the review sites for comments from customers who were in the same hotel.

4. Take a copy with you from Singapore MRT AndLRT System map. Although Singapore is a city state in Southeast Asia that covers about 710 square kilometers (274 sq mi) in land area, you can actually travel from one end of the city to the other within hours within an excellent public transportation system. This map is really necessary if you are not familiar with the location and if you intend to explore the country using the public transport system (MRT, LRT, The public bus). Not only will this help you in planning travel, but it will also save you a lot of time to explore Singapore. Taxis are also available in Singapore, but this will cost you more compared to MRT, LRT And buses. Moreover, taking trains and buses in Singapore is safe, fast and inexpensive.

You can view this system map at

5. Take advantage of online promotions by many attractions in Singapore and travel sites. Tourist attractions like Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Bird Park and even some travel websites offer special deals or discounts online, so it's best to check their website before traveling. Go Singapore Pass, Singapore City Tours and Singapore City Pass are some of the travel sites that offer deals and promotions about major attractions in Singapore.

6. If you are going to explore Singapore before MRT, LRT And / or public bus, and purchase EZ-Link Singapore card or passport. You will find this very helpful in exploring the beauty of this country.

The Lopez link The card is a contact card, so you simply need to click to make the payment to the following acceptance points:

Public transport

SBS Transit buses and trains

SMRT Buses and

Taxi and private transport

Food and drinks

Shopping and retail

Entertainment and entertainment

Governmental services

Educational institutes

Community centers

E-Road Pricing (ERP) And electronic parking system (EPS)

Only used in the new dual-mode car unit (IU) For ERP And EPS Payments

Others / Self-service

For a complete list of admission points, please see the official website of EZ Link (You will find the link below).

Where to buy:

You can buy ez-link cards from 42 TransitLink Ticket offices and 6 franchise exchange offices located in MRT Bus stations and stations, in most passenger service centers MRT Stations are loyal 7 eleven Stores, including those in Shell Shell booths.

Validity: The ez-link card is valid for 5 years from the date it was encoded for use by EZL, after which the ez-link card will expire. EZL reserves the right, at its discretion, from time to time to extend the validity period of any or all types of ez cards.

the cost: Lopez link Card sold in TransitLink Ticket offices, franchise exchange and passenger service centers cost $ 12, of which $ 7 is storage value for use. Cards sold 7-Eleven cost $ 10, of which $ 5 is stored for use. The remaining amount is $ 5 which is the cost of the card and is not refundable.

For more information on EZ-Link Cards, please check website.

Singapore Tourist Pass is the only pass that provides tourists with unlimited riding on the public transportation system in Singapore which includes MRT, LRT And basic bus services. This includes Express, Fast Forward, Night Rider, Night Owl, Chinatown Direct and other specialized bus services. Pass card also comes with exclusive branded offers for the tourists who purchase Pass.

Corridor is a product EZ-Link Pte Ltd It was developed with the support of the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTASingapore Tourism Board (STB). The passport is also issued with a public transit guide that contains information on how to get around in Singapore using public transportation.

Besides enjoy unlimited rides on MRT And LRT Trains and basic bus services, you can use the card to redeem offers at selected merchants as well. You can review some of the current business offers in the "Merchant Offers" section on All you need to do is pass the billing card and send the relevant coupons in the welcome package to redeem your benefits.

Where to buy:

Singaporean passport can be purchased at Transitlink Ticket offices of the following SMRT Stations:

Changi Airport * 12:00 PM – 03:45 PM and 04:45 PM – 7:30 PM daily

Orchard from 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM daily

Chinatown * 12:00 PM – 03:45 PM and 04:45 PM – 7:30 PM daily

City Hall from 09:00 AM until 09:00 PM daily

Raffles Place from 8:00 AM to 09:00 PM on weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays.

Closed on Sunday and public holidays.

Ang Mo Kio from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM daily

HarbourFront * 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM daily

Bugis from 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM daily

* Please note that there is a one-hour break between 03:45 pm and 4:45 pm for these locations.

You can also visit the Singapore Tourist Pass website for more information or click here

The passport can be activated within one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Validity: The validity of the traffic is linked to the hours of operation of the MRT and LRT trains and the basic bus services, not around the clock throughout the normal day. For example, if a tourist purchases a one-day pass at 1700 (5 pm), the pass will be valid until the end of that day of operation for basic bus and train services, which is usually around 0030 (12:30 am) or early hours From the next day.

Cost: The Singapore tourist permit is available in 3 options – 1, 2, or 3 days.

Singapore Tourist Pass Price

Domestic Overseas

One day pass 10 dollars

2 day pass $ 16

3 days pass 20 dollars

Rent permits purchased or issued in Singapore at authorized sales counters come with a rental deposit of 10 Singapore dollars that is refundable, as long as the card is returned within 5 days of issuance.


It's time to buy real estate in North Sardinia!

Are you interested in property in Sardinia? If so, please pay close attention to the northern part of the island. Here you will still be able to find good deals in a property in Sardinia at a reasonable price. With today's economy, real estate doesn't sell much so this is the right time to buy.

If you are looking for a property in Sardinia, Northern Sardinia is very attractive. The largest province in Italy, Sassari, is located here. Sassari and Alghero are the main cities of the province in northwestern Sardinia. In Sassari, you can find good deals in homes close to the sea and beautiful apartments in the city center. Alghero is very popular among those who buy real estate in Sardinia. It is located directly on the beachfront and is a very typical city on the Mediterranean Sea with a local Sardinian spirit. At a reasonable price, you can buy a villa in Alghero or a beautiful apartment with sea view. Another major province in North Sardinia is Olbia-Tempio, northeast of Sardinia. This province is famous for the charming Costa Smeralda. This area is very popular among the wealthy people interested in buying a villa in Sardinia. The villas are located in Porto Cervo and Puerto Rotondo, the most famous areas of the Costa Smeralda, under the luxury property of Sardinia.

When you find yourself in your own property in Sardinia, you will not want to go anywhere else, but in case you decide to go to the main land, there is a simple solution. There are two international airports and three ports in the north of the island, making it easy to reach the rest of the world. Special tickets and low-cost ferry on the island make all your trips cheaper than any other part of Europe. Regardless of the good infrastructure and easy transport links, the north of Sardinia is beautiful, and you will enjoy the national parks and unforgettable sea with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Buying a villa, house or apartment in North Sardinia, you are of course buying a property in Italy, but at the same time you are gaining an opportunity to enter a unique piece of land on one of the lowest population densities in Italy, with the cleanest air, water, excellent food and original culture, which It combines local spirit, European quality and warmth in Africa. Meanwhile, thanks to the excellent transport links, all of Europe's charm with its historical and architectural features is very close. Ryanair airlines offer low cost flights to many European capitals in the shortest time possible. Getting to the airport in North Sardinia is a very short and enjoyable trip because you will not find any traffic. Check-in is online. Flights to Sardinia to visit your apartment, villa or house are not a problem at all. If you want to travel around Europe by car, there are ferry boats at your service. On a ferry from the north of Sardinia, you can go to many Italian regions (Liguria, Tuscany, Lazio, Campania) and France (Corsica Island and the mainland). You can travel to cities like Genoa (an hour and a half drive from Milan and two hours to Nice and Cannes), Livorno (ten minutes drive to Pisa and about an hour to Florence), Piombino, Civitavecchia (half an hour) drive to Rome), Naples, Marseille. Corsica is 30 minutes away. From there you can take another boat to get to Toulon. Owning real estate in North Sardinia means having an opportunity to travel throughout Europe at a very low price.

But most likely once you are in your home in Sardinia, you may not want to go anywhere. This island is really a paradise on earth!

North of Sardinia offers an unlimited portfolio of properties. Here you can buy a two-bedroom apartment, a living room, and a kitchen in a good infrastructure near the sea at a price that is almost the price of a small one-room apartment on the outskirts of Moscow or London, for example. If you are interested in luxury villa in Sardinia with great sea view, you will have to buy some money, but you will never regret this purchase. The magnificent marine landscape, excellent food, restaurants, bars, discos, beaches, etc., all that makes North Sardinia so attractive to world elites, will be at your disposal.

Therefore, I decided to buy a property in Sardinia. what is next?

If you are familiar with Sardinia and local customs, speak the Italian language, have time to travel and are eager to take care of all the transactions yourself, the best solution for you is of course to go to the property owner in Sardinia or to a local real estate agency to skip any additional expenses!

But what if you want to buy a property in Sardinia, but do not speak Italian (English-speaking Sardinia is a rare occasion), you do not have time for multiple visits to Sardinia and there are many other obstacles to your path that do not allow you to contact the owner or local real estate agency directly?

The first thing that most likely comes to your mind is contacting the neighboring real estate agency in the area where you live. Sure, this decision will save your time, but it will limit your choice and control and increase the transaction price significantly.

  1. Real estate agencies that operate anywhere other than Sardinia (in our case, North Sardinia) only have those properties for sale that are beneficial to them for sale. Your choice is very limited.
  2. Real estate agencies operating anywhere other than Sardinia (in our case, North Sardinia) provide you with all the information you need, but based on their interests to get the most possible money from you. Transparency of transactions and pricing remain in the shadows. You are Uncontrollable The situation is here Unless you have someone to trust in Sardinia In order to prove it.
  3. You pay for the services of a real estate agent to a selling party and a real estate agent to a purchase party. Both sides want to get a higher price than the deal to get a better rate. It becomes clear that Overload By buying real estate in Sardinia, in this case, it is entirely real

What other solutions can be found in this situation?

The best solution is to find a local person you can trust because once you own a house in Sardinia, you want a trusted person to take care of it.


Indy Survival Kit 500

Our choice of the phrase "survival group" may be a little overrated, but at first it provides an excellent opportunity for us to explain in detail only what is the topic of this site and how the viewer can help you. When we developed this network of web directories, it was our intention to provide you, the viewer, with in-depth knowledge that you need to know "like" the original language. "It" refers to place, city, community, traffic, additional functions, hot things and not everything related to a specific event. In this guide, this event is the 500-mile Indianapolis race. Therefore, while the "stay kit" is a fun descriptor, the true orientation of this page and the site as a whole is just to provide all the links you need to purchase your tickets, set your travel dates, rent a hotel room, and locate great places to eat. Food, basically knowing where to go, what to do and how to do it. We hope to provide you with the information you need to make your Indy 500 experience very successful.

So, what kinds of things do you need to know to make your Indy experience so successful? Basically, you need to know how to avoid the common pitfalls of the novice viewer. Then use this information to make the most of the spectator experience. With 15 days of race-related activities taking place on an area of ​​530 acres, located in the country's second largest city, with 400,000 fans appearing every year to see the biggest scene in the race, it's very easy to make a mistake. Our goal is to help you avoid these problems and help you on a safe and unforgettable visit to Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Spectators winning great tickets, good hotel accommodation, easy access to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and comprehensive knowledge of the organizational aspects of the expressway and the city of Indianapolis as a whole are generally happy spectators. This is not so difficult you say? True, this is not difficult. However, it's easy to get one of those fears that spoiled everything, and when you do, you will not be one of those happy onlookers. Therefore, the topics below are provided for your information in the hope that you can use this information to your advantage and make your visit as best as possible.

TICKETS: In Indy, there are great seats, medium seats, awful seats, and no seats. So in the beginning, you have to decide what kind of experience you are looking for. It may not surprise you when you know that large seats are expensive and difficult to get and terrible seats, and that there are no chairs much easier and much cheaper. If your goal is to get to Indy to be part of the event and you're more concerned about saving money and less concerned about the actual amount of racing you'll see, you might consider awful tickets or no tickets. However, if you really expect to watch the race, you want to buy at least average seats, and if your budget allows, buy big seats.

Let's start with awful seats without seats. Motorcycle race is an oval track and a half mile. It is quite large and there is not a single spectator seat where you can see the entire track. There are four holes on the Brickyard championship golf course in the square, which most people never see due to the sheer size of the celebration. For people who want to come to the "party", buying a general entry ticket, which gives you access to the child without a spare seat, is all that is needed. This option is popular among young spectators and people with a very tight budget. For 2010, the general entry ticket for Indy 500 is $ 20.00. Terrible seats start at $ 40.00 for face value and go up from there. Knowing what awful seats are is a little hard to distinguish, but the following indicators will tell you what to look for.

Terrible seats are seats that give you limited visibility of the path so that the only thing you can see is the short run of the path directly in front of you. For example, if your ticket is in the first row at the top of the third row in Northeast Vista, you might look at the back of your ticket on the oval map and think you'll be able to see cars rolling back in the third floor, then into the short lane and then to the fourth floor. Unfortunately, you will be wrong. Each bend at Indy is half a mile long. If you sit near the path at the top of the bend, you will see cars only after they enter and you will lose them before they leave the bend. Amazingly, you won't even be able to see cars start and finish their role completely. If your ticket is directly in the foreground, and you are in the front row or anywhere near the path, then you will only be able to see the entire path completely, if you lean forward or stand to see around your neighbor. As a general rule, avoid tickets that are in the foreground near the track. These are single letter seats. For example, the first row of section 32 in Northeast Vista is the letter "A", the next row is the letter "B", and so on. Rows above "Z" start with a double letter only, such as "AA" and "BB". So, if you want to avoid awful tickets, avoid single-row rows and while you're in them, don't just settle on the AA row, you'll see a much larger path in MM or SS than you'll see in AA and you'll be happy that you did.

Medium and large seats are more difficult to locate, and for this reason it is more difficult to reach. Based on what we have said so far, it should be somewhat clear that good and medium seats start in mostly double-row rows. Stick to this rule and you should at least avoid choosing terrible seats. Now, by following the double letter row rule, think about it later in the point of view of the different locations. Spectators in turns 2 and 4 watch the cars coming into the turns and leave the turns, and depending on their height, they may be able to see the cars flying in a straight direction away from them. On the contrary, high seats in periods 1 and 3 allow viewers to see cars heading away. Drivers are usually more aggressive when exiting directly with a full speed head, and therefore, spin 1 and 3 are more desirable than double-letter rows in other turns and along the front and extend the track. However, double rows of letters are in turn not only medium, they are exceptional, hard to find and expensive to buy. Penthouse seats in turn are more valuable than gold. Since ticket holders can be renewed year after year, the best seats in the house are owned by racing families or big car companies. They have occupied these seats since 1945 and will continue to occupy these seats in 2045.

Runway "E" despite being in the first corner, does not guarantee a great view of the track. Some of the seats in this amphitheater are terrible seats, in our opinion. Many of the seats in Grandstand "E", especially low and near spin seats, don't give you a good view of the track. Double-row ceilings and rows in the lower "E" level are best if they are close to the top of the floor.

So what are good seats? Besides all the information we have already provided, consider this. As for the spectator sitting high at the top of the first row, he can see the pits, the outgoing cars turn into four, the cars that come to them directly at the front, and the cars that leave the pits, and the cars enter in one direction, to the southern glide, and to four. It is also the best offer for the start and end of the race. Arguably, there is no better place to watch than the Indianapolis 500. This applies equally to the Brickyard 400.

Indianapolis Speedway is the original source of all race tickets. They not only sell race tickets, they also keep those tickets in the name of the racing fan so they can be purchased next year. As long as tickets are renewed by being purchased when they are on sale for the next years race (usually a week after the race), fans of the race will retain those tickets. This reservation system ensures that the best seats go to the same people year after year. If these people decide to go on a European vacation next year, those tickets are likely to be given or sold to a friend or family member. The better tickets, the less likely they will reach a ticket broker. But due to Indianapolis Motor Speedway's reservation system, the best way to secure great tickets is to get them through a reputable ticketing broker.

Big seats may still be available, but you'll need to look for a Penthouse-Paddock, Penthouse-Grandstand "A", Penthouse Grandstand "B", Penthouse Grandstand "E" or double-row rows in turns to get an amazing seat. One last word of caution. Watch out for "Distortion mapYou will find maps that locate the various large sizes around the path. These maps do a good job of giving you a general reference, but they are by no means a reliable way to determine the type of width of specific stands.

If the information we provided here fails to provide you with the information you need in order to find large seats, you can always use the default rule. Throw a lot of money in the problem. Usually, seats cost better. Ticket brokers know good seats are bad seats, and charge fees accordingly. On average, you'll find tickets in the Penthouse-Paddock and Penthouse seats in Grand A, B and E classrooms are the most expensive. You will also find that these tickets generally offer a great view of the itinerary. But they are by no means the only big seats and with a little effort, you can learn the system and use it to your advantage when returning to the next race.


Many of the mind-blowing benefits of a Dubai job

You may have heard about the job frenzy in Dubai and how everyone and their puppy want to move there? Gossip is hard to avoid because more and more people are considering a career in Dubai.

So why is everyone tempted to the region? The answer lies mainly in the benefits of the Dubai job. Dubai jobs are not like any other job in any other country. Given the government's ambition and vision, they have risen and are "on their way" to attract the best and brightest from all over the world.

It is not easy to do this. Especially in a land where there are many fundamental differences in certain aspects of life such as culture, weather, religion, freedom, government, and daily lifestyle, to name a few. To overcome all of that, Dubai jobs come with much better benefits than I have seen anywhere in the world.

Here are a few of these to give you an overview of how good you would get if you were an educated and qualified. You also have the upper hand if you are carrying the experience of Western companies (North America / Europe) under your belt.


A much bigger factor than most people think or can remember. We are so accustomed to paying part of our income automatically with tax exemptions to the point that we are not aware of the huge burden (at least here in America). For someone who earns his living from work, the government “effectively” imposes taxes of approximately 40% (state, federal, city, FICA, etc.) This means that 40 cents of every dollar goes to your long-lost SAM uncle.

Did you know that if you work in America, are you working the first 3-4 months of the year for free? It is true. What you make from January to April is likely to go to the government. Only then will you start filling your personal lockers. How sad is this?

So, if I make $ 120,000 a year, I only get $ 72,000. This is healthy 48,000 I pay in taxes! This is 4000 dollars per month! What can you do with $ 4000 extra dollars a month

There is no personal income tax in Dubai. You get to keep everything you make! Should I say that again?

The best total compensation packages

To attract the best talent, jobs in Dubai usually pay 20% higher on average. So not only will you save on taxes, but you will also earn more than your basic salary (basic salary as they call it).

So take my scenario. If I get a 20% increase over $ 120,000, I am making $ 144,000. I get all of that instead of just $ 72,000 if I work in the USA. So I am better off with $ 72,000. I just doubled taking my home. This is a 100% lift!

Privileges and reimbursement

Here is the kicker for you. Put yourself in my shoes and imagine you are making $ 144,000 in Dubai. Now add this housing allowance that gives your employer to pay for sky rocket rents.

Also add gasoline repayments for your paid commute, at least one fully driven atmosphere at home wherever you are (this is according to Dubai labor laws) and other bells and whistles. Add that as you are likely looking at $ 10,000 or an additional salary.

Of course, you have to negotiate all of that. But as I said, if you are an educated and qualified and especially if you have a western experience, you will likely write your ticket just like my scenario. When it's good, it's good.


Dubai job usually comes with more vacation time. There are many vacations in Dubai to depart from as well as your holidays. It is not uncommon for one month's leave to work on an annual basis.

Have you mentioned free airline tickets for you and your family to return home to any country? This is a very common benefit that is negotiated with salary. It is almost unusual not to get it.

International work experience

How many times have you seen a job ad looking for international expertise? How often is the starting salary? You are right; it is in very high demand worldwide.

A job in Dubai will open the doors of you anywhere else in the world. You will work with the brightest and best in Dubai, and companies worldwide will be happy to hire you if you choose.

Your experience is yours and you can take it anywhere you want.

Quality of life

Perhaps the most beneficial benefit of a job in Dubai is the quality of life that comes with your career. You will work in some of the best buildings with the latest facilities and architecture.

What you touch, sit on, or play with will be much better than anything else you've seen. Cars are usually cheaper (compared to North America) also a little. It comes to comfortable trade laws, tariffs and tariffs.

In general, it is just a better lifestyle (mainly for young professionals). There is so much to do at night, and many entertainment options like shopping, nightlife, restaurants, hotels, and sports just name it. You can learn more about all that Dubai has to offer you at

Top 5 jobs in Dubai:

Medical jobs in Dubai – the growing and continuing focus in Dubai has been healthcare. Dubai wants to be the best first class healthcare environment. Doctors and nurses are great incentives to work in Dubai.

Finance jobs in Dubai – financial markets are the backbone of any economy. Banks in Dubai are growing everywhere. Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise, as private equity and venture capitalists are on the way.

Construction Jobs in Dubai – In a city hosting nearly 80% of the world's supply of cranes, how can there be a shortage of construction jobs? This is a no-brainer.

Hotel Jobs in Dubai – Are there hotels in Dubai? are you kidding me !!! There are more hotels in Dubai than anywhere in the world. And I'm not talking about Marriott or Hyatt 5-star hotels that you see in the USA. I'm talking about hotel thinking that would make your eyes pop and jaws drop. Dubai is all about luxury. Just wait while you read more about Dubai hotels.

Sales Jobs in Dubai – What Happens When You Have Every Person Earning Much Money And Personal Wealth? People buy more than everything. Sales jobs make people six income numbers over and over automatically. Sometimes I feel like all you have to do is breathe, walk and talk, and six tax-free numbers are guaranteed in your pocket!

This is just a handful of Dubai job benefits. To read more about the full package, please visit the Dubai Information website. You will also get a chance to read about the most comprehensive, practical and very effective guide on how to find a job in Dubai.