How to get a low price

Finding a low Airfare is not complicated … Some may also want you to believe. With over 20 years in the travel / tourism sector, a leading editor for holidays and romantic luxury! Read the full report below.

You can of course spend hours searching on web pages, spending countless dollars on travel membership, reviewing newspapers, asking friends about their great knowledge of securing the lowest rates, and it is very likely that you will receive many options related to obtaining a low price.

Let's Begin … Airline tickets are a product and commodity for sale that are based on the principle of supply and demand. As demand is high, so are airline fares.

Your typical travel agency will get a contract with a wholesalers at set prices. You, the consumer, will pay the current retail price of the ticket. It's that simple, very similar to other products on the market. Is it possible to purchase a ticket directly from a wholesaler? Very unlikely. Wholesal in large quantities. Therefore, selling a single ticket is neither time nor cost-effective for the wholesaler.

There are travel agencies that buy a number of seats on certain trips and sell them at reduced retail prices. Agencies buy tickets at wholesale prices because of bulk purchases. Agencies that buy seats wholesale specialize in a specific region. For example, an agency might specialize in Spain; therefore, they have purchased several
Seats in advance for airlines and marketing them according to their specialty. They can, in turn, offer great prices.

To find these specialized agencies, check out the Sunday Travel section, Yellow Pages and / or Library. Your library may have a way to search its database for SIC codes. In the case of travel agencies, the SIC code is 02 4724 . You need to make sure that the agencies specialize in the field in which you want to travel to get the best possible price.

Online travel tickets … Some web sites offer a really low cost of travel bucking the system. In fact, they are connected to another travel agency, and therefore, this may not be the case, as you think it is a good rate. There are some good websites that provide great savings and we will discover some of these sites.

Travelocity is one of the leading companies in securing low fares for airline tickets online. With a little overhead, compared to the typical travel agencies on the front, Travelocity provides one of the lowest budgets for almost all destinations.

You can easily navigate your website and know what you are getting. Due to the purchasing power of Travelocity, it is able to negotiate good contract prices and transfer savings to you.

Orbitz is another great competitor when searching for the low flight. Five Orbitz airlines started. America, Continental, Delta, Northwest and the United States. They have the ability to offer their seats at discounted rates. They have more than 450 airlines to search from in their database, one of them
Larger. is the travel member site. You don't have to be a member to display the various promotions; however, if you are
Want to take advantage of any upgrade, membership is required.

With the member-based Bestfares website, there are some hidden costs, so beware. This is what we are not happy with

Bestfares will reveal some great travel opportunities; however, they are usually very limited on travel dates, seats and other restrictions. Also, they have above average reservation fees. We've found that what looks like a good deal up front looks good once everything appears … the atmosphere may not be as low as you think.

Craig Dahl – Senior Editor