Chartered flights earn altitude

Like Julie, Brad, and the kids who go about $ 35 million to spend some rest and relaxation in southern France, charter flights inevitably excite images of wealth, magic and celebrity. Money nurtures the world of private jets and prestige all of that just adds to its appeal.

Truthfully, private jets are popular in small American airports like Horseshoe Bend, North Falk Valley, Mackinac Island, and Turner Falls as they are in southern France. These are airports close to factories, warehouses, and large and small company facilities. They research, manufacture and sell the products the world needs and desires. John M. says. Boyd, Director of Aviation Sales and Marketing at Westchester County Airport in New York, "Business with plants in different locations, and people who are doubling their time by visiting half a dozen plants in a day or two instead of a week, are our backbone, our strength." Oftentimes, charter flights are a matter of time. It is time to invest more than half a dozen employees preparing to hold a meeting on a plane with all the amenities in the boardroom at their fingertips or with these parked employees in security, waiting to board a plane, or stuck on a runway at the mercy of traffic control Air? For some, time is the most valuable commodity.

The country's commercial aviation industry was a huge hit in the aftermath of the September 11 events. This was also evident in the area of ​​charter aircraft. After that, the Great Recession came in 2008, with fuel prices and environmental emissions systems adding to the hardships. Then chief executives of Big 3 Motor Company came on executive planes to Washington to demand the rescue of taxpayers.

"This was rare," he said, lamenting the owner of a small fleet of planes. It has been four long years before what the final status symbol became another look. With booming lines of airport security, soaring airline tickets, fast flight routes and flight delays everywhere, companies are beginning to reconsider chartering of planes. Prices have been reduced. Aviation participation opportunities were plentiful. Social media plans and campaigns were on Facebook.

"The private jet industry will not return to its heyday in the late 1990s, but anything is better than where we are," said one analyst. Currently, the charter flight industry is actually much better than it was three years ago. According to Private Jet Services, a global airline consulting firm, the market forecast for 2015 expects a steady growth in the private jet charter market, especially for commercial use. The report also mentioned that commercial flights are moving towards more seats and less passenger comfort. Today, charters of six to 150 seats are available for $ 1500 to $ 5,000 an hour of operation. Additional costs apply, depending on the type of aircraft, airport locations, and various fees and other related options.

What is the most important consideration for everyone? Unlike the 500 US airports available to commercial airlines, more than 5,000 private aircraft service awaits, ensuring that regardless of the point of departure or departure, the airport is always close. As one analyst noted after comparing the relative costs of commercial flights versus charter flights, "the old saying is still there. Time is money."