30 creative ways you can use a virtual assistant to make life easier

This list is not exhaustive. You might be surprised how some creative entrepreneurs can take advantage of VA services to make their lives easier. Some entrepreneurs have a team of veterans who specialize in various fields, which is understandable. Very few individuals are experts in all fields … you will find many cranes of all professions, masters from nothing, but every now and then you find a master, and if the price is right … well, you would be silly let this one go, right? !
Think of your VA as you would your Secretary / Personal Assistant, because basically, that’s what they are. You will find some website design and maintenance specialists, some bookkeeping specialists, and some who can provide writing / editing services as well. Regardless of their specialization, you will find that they all offer “Fundamentals of VA”.
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With VA’s, one size does not fit all, but with a little twitching, you may find yourself one or more VA who are perfect for your business. Here are some ideas that you can use when you catch them …
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1. Your VA can handle your email, respond to routine requests and incite actions, forward information to others to deal with it, or forward it to you via the very important email that you can only deal with or know.
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2. You are going on vacation – let your VA handle your email in your absence. What you can’t afford, you can refer it to you to think about your next long drink under the nearest palm trees.
3. Mail – again, depending on where you live, you can get your VA and handle your mail, too. You can get this as a daily service or just when you are away.
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4. You may be a genius in marketing or creating “whizbang gadget tools”, but you are not hoping to set up your email program to modify your time zone indicators, your signature, your automatic response … relax! If she doesn’t know your VA right away, she knows how to spot her and she’ll help you.
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5. If you are going away, you may use some form of voicemail / messaging service to alert callers of your absence. Instead of losing work, give them your VA number or email address so you can contact them while you are away. It is much more reliable and professional and you do not lose business!
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6. Depending on where you live in relation to your VA server, you can transfer your calls to her phone so that you can answer them like a real-time receptionist. You can do the same with your faxes.
7. You need help with your diaries and appointments. VA is commonly used for this. Let them set your appointments and stay up to date with your schedule. Allow them to communicate with your clients, co-workers, journalists, participate in speaking, etc.
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8. Customer contact. You can’t always be there for your important clients, but you can’t have a VA program. Let VA handle queries, information requests, appointments, reschedule, etc.
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9. Maybe you travel a lot. Let your Veterans Affairs office arrange the best travel rate, accommodation reservations and car rentals. Your VA can also arrange where to talk to you – if you talk! Let them arrange the place, meals and snacks, hotel discounts, necessary equipment, etc.
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10. This is very basic, and it is worth noting … word processing. In the words of Homer Simpson the immortal … Duh! On the other hand, if you are from Homer Simpson, here’s what VA can do for you: Prepare and prepare notes, reports, articles, notes, letters and brochures (drafts or originals). In fact, anything you can do on a word processor, any VA can do for you!
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11. Take pesky meeting notes and turn them into professional minutes.

12. VA can produce guides for you and return this to you on floppy disk or via email. As previously reported no special reports, textbooks and professional documents.

13. Are meetings and presentations? Need Powerpoint? Look no further than your VA!
14. Even if your VA does not use MS Access, you can count on it can use MS Excel. When it comes to databases, you want a system that you can manage yourself if you have to. If you can use Access, good for you! If not, arrange with your VA to set up databases in Excel. This is simple and anyone can use it. You will need to keep customer information from their business cards, their credit card information, prospects, survey information, and article lists, who have been sent to them … just a few ideas to get started.
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15. Bulk email. Some VA will have their own software to send bulk email messages to multiple clients and enable individual email processing, or maybe you are a member of an online commercial company that lets you send these types of mass email messages. Either way, your VA can handle this for you.
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16. Register you and follow your login ID and passwords for everything that is registered – from affiliate status, online article submissions, free membership and listings, etc.

17. Desktop publishing. Brochures, newsletters, brochures, postcards, lists, price lists, schedules, calendars, certificates … Generally, all of these things can be done just as easily in MS Word – but MS Publisher provides ready templates. Either way, you have VA covered. Just tell her what she wants … with or without graphics or photos.

18. Copying tapes and CDs. These days, there are different types of equipment to handle different types of tapes used for tapes. Usually professionals in this field can handle any tape or CD you use. You can send it to your VA, print it and send it to you. Is it messy everywhere and you can’t or don’t have time to clean it up? Yes, you can hire an expensive specialist to clean and adjust it for you or you can search for a VA who specializes in this matter and let him do it for you.

19. Newsletter … There are various ways online to send you newsletters, and depending on how much you want to spend, your Veterans Affairs office can find what fits your budget preferences. It can handle all subscription and unsubscribe requests, put your newsletter together and send it as required, including handling all advertising requests and billing arrangements.

20. Veterans Affairs can manage and correct newsletters and other documents as well if it has this capability. There is nothing worse than receiving a newsletter from an alleged professional who is full of typos.

21. Some editors with written backgrounds can write your articles for placement in magazine editors or article sites on the Internet, or for use in your newsletters. You don’t want someone to take something they found out of the internet and add your name to it and the next thing you know, you are being sued for plagiarism! Or if you fail, your readers think you’re a scam because this same article appears elsewhere in the Internet by so many other authors! (Don’t laugh! It happens!)

22. Research – be it for an article, information, or item you are having trouble finding yourself. You may write a book and want some information … You may want to buy some software to help with your specific challenge or project … You may just want to keep up with your competitors up to … your VA can become super deceptive and get the information you Looking for her.

23. Buying gifts … how much do you want to spend? Submit your ideas to your VA and your gift recipient list and they can handle this and ensure that your clients (and even your family) will never forget!

24. Website. Need a website designed or maintained for you? Even if you already have a website, the pages need to be updated frequently. Some VA website specialists can do this for you and keep you up to date with the latest news. A VA specialist in this field can monitor your website traffic and recommend ways to improve online traffic and sales.

25. Book of Conservation. shudder! Well, it looks like some of you think accounting is great … there are those who really don’t mind bookkeeping. You’ll find them – they can keep your books, send invoices, make invoices, balance your accounts, etc. The strange thing is that they enjoy it!

26. Writing and editing services. In general, writing and editing are areas covered by a professional, and usually coaches Yoni, writers and editors. Just because you can spell and know where the station is going, don’t make you a “qualified” editor or writer. So, if you only want to manage simple things, some VA programs can do this for you, but if you are looking for some heavyweight writing or editing work, are considering a professional, or make sure to use VA with a background and experience in this business nature .

27. Marketing. Provides some VA experiences in Marketing and Advertising. Find someone with background and experience in this field. They can help you implement ad campaign, monitor campaign, etc.

28. Your company can distribute your marketing materials to the places and beneficiaries of your choice, either online or via email.

29. Do you employ other employees? no problem. The VA program can help you remember special dates such as birthdays, annual performance reviews, payroll and manage reference checks …

30. In short, you can use a virtual assistant the same way you would any secretary or personal assistant. You’ll find what you can’t do is prepare your coffee and make your presentation – unless she lives near you and is happy to travel and do it for you!