Honest, critical review of Danny Johnson cheats

Who is Danny Johnson?

Danny Johnson started her career in the network marketing industry as a choppy, dispersed cocktail waitress worth $ 2.03 for her name. Within the first hours of starting her new business, she had made several thousand profit. She made more than $ 250,000 in her first year, and more than $ 1,000,000 in her second year, becoming the # 1 international producer in her company.

Since that time, she founded Call To Freedom International, and she travels all over the world to teach everyone who will listen (or who can listen, as we will see) the principles of her success.

Can she help me?

This depends on. Maybe you visited Danny and saw a wonderful collection of testimonials from people from all walks of life. Its website boasts over 10,000 unique testimonials from people from all over the world. Very impressive, to say the least.

My personal experience with Danny Johnson is not inspiring.

I first used to teach Danny when I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska. At the time, for the first time in my life I was getting a lot of income from my company, and about $ 4000 a month I only work two hours a day. My organizer was growing between 30 and 40% per month and I was really enjoying this process.

I came across Danny’s teachings and I really believed this would take me to the next level of success, and helped my team experience the success they were looking for. I bought each individual training on its website (quite a big penny, but I deserve to invest, or so I thought)

I gathered my entire team together and we had a huge bunch of jam filled with people listening to "digging in and closing your way to millions." They were all shot. (Danny can be very convincing.) Personally, I invested 3-4 hours a day listening to Danny’s training, and I think I finally found the “golden key”.

So what were the results?

My income immediately fell by $ 1,000, in that particular month, and employment almost stopped altogether. The funny thing was that nothing in the company had changed and we were more enthusiastic than ever. So, what did we do?

Instead of dropping Danny Johnson as a bad habit (as we should), we heard Danny say we need to go to a seminar, so a handful of us moved from Alaska to Los Angeles and attended by “well-known first steps to success.” I personally spent more than $ 1,500 between tickets Travel, accommodation and outrageous tickets, and between my group I think the price we paid was around $ 15,000.

That month, my income decreased by $ 1,000. Convinced that I needed to invest in my skills, I went to Danny titled "Creating a Breed" and bought its chapters "Exploration and Closure", where she spent more than $ 2,500 after two months.

what happened? My income entered from 2000 dollars to less than 1000 dollars, and then I fell to about 400 dollars before I did what I should have done, and this is the decline of Danny’s teachings like a bad habit and did what was proven to work!

Is Danny Johnson a SCAM or what?

Although there are many people who claim to benefit from her teachings, I am certainly not one of them. I invested 1000 hours of listening, called in over 5,000 clients, spent more than $ 5,000 in hard-earned money across the USA and purchased the exercises that destroyed my entire business. When I called and asked for a refund, (politely), they refused. Surely I feel deceived.

However, the good news is that when I became aware of "attraction marketing", my business started to explode faster than in the past, and now I am hiring more people than I can handle, or I can imagine …


If you are considering investing serious money in Dani Johnson material, just remember that when you sponsor a reseller, you are responsible for helping them succeed as quickly as possible, and most of them do not expect, (and do not want to)), to travel across the country paying college savings Their kids to go learn something that only works for sales superheroes. Any good and excellent MLM organization should provide this training to its members for free, provided they understand that if they benefit, they benefit.

This is how this company is supposed to be, helping people, and building each other's dreams through service, leadership, mutual prosperity and integrity.

If you want to spend $ 25,000 a year on training, learn from Danny Johnson. If you want to live a prosperous life, learn the appeal of marketing. It's your decision.


And God bless you.