Startups are moving to blockchain technology in 2018!

Startups are moving to blockchain technology in 2018!

The first application of blockchain technology to gain worldwide attention is Bitcoin, the first digital currency. Blockchain creates a decentralized ledger that runs on a network of smart contracts. Blockchain is able to provide high security with the concept of public and private keys for authentication. It follows that blockchain technology can be used in any industry where value is exchanged. This technology has many more applications than just cryptocurrencies.

Below are the lists of startups that will bring change in the future –

Warmed up

This is an Estonian company. Since smart contracts are a giant component of cryptocurrency and blockchain transactions, Agrello hopes to revolutionize them

It aims to combine legal documentation with artificial intelligence to bring smart contracts to the general public without full blockchain expertise. Agrello’s creates an interface that allows users to easily create their own legally binding smart contracts on the Ethereum network. They don’t need to have a lot of programming experience or legal knowledge to do this.


Elastos company started its activity in 2000. It is focused on developing an internet operating system that re-decentralizes the internet using blockchain. It creates a new secure operating system (Dapps) that works peer-to-peer without centralized control. Its goal is to make digital assets rare, identifiable and tradable.


Everex plans to provide services such as currency exchange, microfinance, etc. to people who do not have access to standard financial institutions. They will create a platform using blockchain technology called “cryptocash”. Users can convert their local currency to cryptocurrency through the Everex platform. The value of this cryptocurrency token will be equal to the specified fiat currency.

Founded in 2010, Puregold is the first payment gateway to use a gold-backed cryptocurrency. The name of the gateway is called “PG_PAY”. This includes various payment terminals, Gold ATMs and mobile money transactions with a high level of security. The Puregold team used the Ethereum blockchain technology and successfully created an electronic gold trading network with a gold-backed cryptocurrency

There are many applications of blockchain to make things more organized and secure.

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